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Sunday, 22 July 2012


About The Movie: 

It has been eight years since the Batman has been seen in the streets of Gotham. Blamed for the death of Harvey Dent, Batman has gone into hiding, along with his alter ego Bruce Wayne. Gotham is no longer a corrupt town thanks to a (possibly illegal) law named after Dent that allows the police tremendous power. Bane, a former disciple of Ra's al Ghul (much like Batman) sees an opportunity to finish his master's undertaking and destroy Gotham. Seeing that his beloved city is about to burn to the ground, Batman reappears, but after eight years away, he is no longer the man he once was, and he is beaten by Bane and sent to the world's worst prison - Hell. Bane unleashes his fury upon Gotham, leading to a city cut off from the world, and only days away from being destroyed by a nuclear weapon. Will Batman escape the prison he's in - both physically and mentally - and return to save Gotham one last time? Or has the Batman finally met his match in the powerful Bane?

What Is Good About The Movie: 

The Characters...

Comissioner Gordon is now considered a hero but he wants to lead the city into battle again.

John Blake the hot shot hot head cop played by Joseph Gordon Levitt who is amazing in this movie. Not Anne Hathaway amazing or Michael Caine amazing, but definitely amazing.

Michael Caine, his third and final turn as Alfred is definitely his best. We all have to remember that Alfred thinks of Bruce as his son, and the emotional from Caine in this movie is incredible. 

Morgan Freeman is back as Lucious Fox, and finally we have Marion Cotillard who plays Miranda Tate a very rich do gooder who helps Bruce Wayne in his time of need. 

And then we have the star of this movie: Anne Hathaway. She doesn't give us campy Catwoman and gives us an EXCELLENT  of Selina Kyle/Catwoman ever. She is NO hero, yet she is not a villain either. She’s completely ambiguous as far as her loyalties go, she looks out for herself and she’s VERY smart. She uses her being a woman as an advantage. Hathaway is used in this movie PERFECTLY, not too much not too little just enough. The outfit is great, the goggles are hot, the catsuit is HOT and the heels are everything. Her performance was a tour de force in my opinion. She went from damsel in distress to ass kicking chick and back again in a split second, all to save her own life. The scene where she and Bruce first interact is amazing, and every scene after just gets better and better. 
How can we forget Christian Bale? Bale does a good job a Batman, but also a good job as Bruce Wayne. There's a solid 50/50 split of screen for both his personas. Bale's Batman looked completely defeated after going into exile. I just wish there were more scenes of him as Batman. I thought the movie spent too long on his redemption, when I'm not sure there was as much need for him to be redeemed as you might think. He took the blame for Harvey Dent's death (which I TOTALLY forgot btw), making a criminal the figurehead for the city. But he knew what he did was right, as did a few others around him. So what if the rest of Gotham thought he was a murderer? 
Then there is Bane played by Tom Hardy...While Chris took some liberties with the character’s origin Bane was a really good villain and should NOT be compared to the Joker but I know everyone will. How could you not right? Where the Joker was CRAZY and unpredictable, Bane is thought out and menacing. His plan is not just to wreak havoc on Gotham for fun, but to destroy it from the inside out using it’s own people. He is not only a mental match for Batman like the Joker was, but a physical one. Bane is a big guys, he is huge, strong and evil PURE evil. 
So overall, I liked the movie, I just wasn't blown away. While a solid ending to the trilogy, it wasn't the best film of the three.

What Is Bad About The Movie: 

Bane's voice was hard to understand @ times. So do what you can to pay attention when he speaks. His back-story, which comes out in bits and pieces throughout the film, was also strangely convoluted. It leads to a twist I certainly didn't see coming, but also one that felt like it was thrown in just to try and mess with the audience.
The film really plays up the whole 1% vs. the 99% thing that was going on in NYC over the last couple of years. But the Occupy Wall Street movement died a while ago and in this day and age if it didn't happen last week, it may as well have happened last decade, right?

Were this not the end of the Batman epic trilogy and instead the second film, this movie would be much better than it was, because it would have felt new. But after The Dark Knight, it was always going to be really hard to come up with something new and inventive.

Overall Grade:


  1. My boyfriend is a HUGE Batman fan so we went to the full 3-movie screening feature premiere. By the time we got to the 3rd movie, I was drooling for the screenplay and was thoroughly satisfied; TDKR is easily my favorite one of the trilogy.

    Christian Bale was MUCH more believable.

    Anne Hathaway wasn't annoying, rather, a very well needed cast member.

    Michael Caine had me crying too.

    I LOVED how the movie was so unpredictable.

    And as for Bane, well... I've never wanted to FUCK a nigga in a life-preserving face mask so much...


    1. I enjoyed the movie as well, thought it was well done and a good ending to a trilogy




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