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Friday, 11 May 2012


If you have a hard time getting motivated to exercise, enlisting a fitness partner may help. A fitness partner can encourage, challenge, pace you, and can make working out more fun.
When you are trying to find the right person, there are some things that you should look for. Moreover, there are some fun ways you and your fitness partner can get some exercise.
Having a fitness partner can motivate you to workout even when you don’t want to simply because you know someone is counting on you. Exercising with a fitness partner is also a great way to socialize. Instead of dreading your daily workout, you’ll find yourself looking forward to catching up with your friend.
Another benefit is that a fitness partner makes it less intimidating to join a gym, try a new class, or learn a new sport. Your friend can give you the courage to take that kickboxing class you’ve had your eye on or head to that hiking trail you’ve always wanted to try.
Finally, it’s safer to workout with someone. If you injure yourself on a run, for instance, your partner can find you the help you need.

Choosing a Fitness Partner

While the right fitness partner can motivate you to accomplish your fitness goals, the wrong partner could squelch your efforts. When deciding which one of your friends or family members to recruit as your fitness partner, keep these things in mind:
Choose a partner with a fitness level similar to yours. If you haven’t exercised for years, don’t choose a fitness partner who runs four miles a day. If you and your partner have similar fitness levels, you can progress at a similar pace and encourage each other as you become more fit.

Find someone who shares your fitness goals. By finding someone with similar fitness goals, you can help motivate each other and share your triumphs. If, on the other hand, you are looking to gain muscle and your partner is looking to slim down, or if you want to lose 30 pounds and your partner only needs to lose five, you and your partner may become frustrated and be more likely to give up.

Make sure you have things in common with your partner—even outside of the gym. If all you have in common with your fitness partner is working out, you may not find yourself looking forward to your next workout. Choose someone who’s company you genuinely enjoy, and you’ll find that workouts can be as socially fulfilling as they are physically challenging.

Once you’ve found the right fitness partner, it’s time to get moving. Get together with your partner—calendars in hand—and schedule when and where you’ll meet to regularly exercise. Then, set some ground rules and stick to them.



  1. not post related, but your blog is taking forever to load on my laptop and when I try to get into something, it crashes Internet Explorer. Laptop is pretty new, Window7 2 gigs RAM just been worked over and cleaned up by my IT guy. Any ideas? Switching u to email till we can figgerr this out

    1. I have the same issue. I only use my iPhone now, because the mobile version works better.

    2. How long has this been happening?

    3. My problem started a few weeks ago, but I figured it was just me. But it is only on your blog.

  2. same here.. coupla weeks.. maybe you have too many 'flibbity jibbits' running now. Have you added anything lately ?.. and right now, I'm on my other laptop with nothing else running, but half the RAM but the latest Windows 7 and popped fairly quickly into your site. It does take time to load tho. Laptop was on Vista and after numerous virus attacks, we had it upgraded to 7. Maybe your blog doesnt like the latest 7 ?

    1. I will check everything out and see if I can fix this. I wonder why it loads properly for me, I wonder if my using Google Chrome has anything to do with it?

  3. Heh. :)

    I've been at this for a while, then I got sidetracked.

    One of the gadgets here causes a loopback, so then your computer's port got filled up, and that gives the impression that your browser crashes. It's merely waiting until some ports got cleared up, so it can continue.

    If you're curious, while loading this blog, watch your "netstat -n -a" output, and you'll see a loooooong list of ports being utilized, and most of them are looping back to each other, with a "time_wait" - basically it's waiting for a timeout.

    So.... if you're too impatient to wait, you can try to cheat. As soon as most of the content loads, press "Esc" on your keyboard. Most of the times that's enough to not kill your browser. :)

    Gayte: For you, the trick is to figure out which gadgets is the evil one. Unfortunately there's no easy way to do this. You can disable it one-by-one and test it... a total pain in the ass, I'm afraid, and not the good-hard-dick type of pain either.

    1. Thanks I been moving stuff around, deleting somethings..




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