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Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We have been broken into adopting an individualistic analysis of events and conditions in the lives of gay people as we do for things in our personal lives. Even now, when examining gay phenomenon progressively and from an homosexual center, many of us misdiagnose the nature and magnitude of our problems because of this narrow sight.

Our enslavement is but one example of this limited analysis. For, as atrocious and horrific as the crimes committed against individual are, we do not give the tearing apart of us as a people the far greater emphasis it deserves. Too many of us see these "individual" acts as special, specific and in the singular. Because of this individualistic analytical oversimplification on our part, we tend to focus more on the pain of the damage (beating, hating, dehumanizing,) done to individuals than the tearing, ripping apart of gay people and community, a process of more profound and far-reaching effects. This error applies everywhere we think. 

Too often, we make the grave mistake of personalizing assault. We become angry with the actor who is the bad guy, the police officer who pulls the trigger, the politician who makes a racist statement, the banker who cheated us. What has been, and continues to be, done to us is almost always attributed to the immediate actor or business or organization, who is but an agent of a nation on a heterosexual warpath against us. Almost always, our righteous rage is deflected away from its nationalist, culturally and socially institutionalized source and onto mere action figures, puppets, scapegoats, tentacles of a killing machine on a feeding frenzy for gay minds, bodies and souls. The whole is not without intent.


  1. Whether or not hate crimes are condoned or even supported by government, every competent individual knows in his/heart what is right and what is wrong.

    Ultimately, we are responsible for our own actions. "The Nation" or "The World" is comprised of individuals.

    1. I was wondering just yesterday if a person is aware, can they ignore such awareness?

    2. Certainly...

      Quoting one of the most detestable abusers of Humanity I have ever encountered, he said, "evil-doers have no trouble sleeping because they have no souls."

      He slept like a baby.




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