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Friday, 30 March 2012


Spartacus again must keep his warriors united, as Glaber plans an attack on the temple they occupy, on the latest episode of “Spartacus: Vengeance,” “Monsters.”
The episode begins with Spartacus’ warriors, deep in slumber for the night.  Just then, Roman soldiers stealthily pass the unguarded wall and attack.  Before the battle is too pitched, one of the “Romans” reveals himself to be Spartacus himself.  He says that this was a test, one the warriors failed.  They are still too fractured to keep each other safe.  More on this later…
Meanwhile, Seppia, armed with knowledge about Glaber’s role in her brother’s death, bristles at his touch.  But just as she begins to succumb, a most surprise visitor arrives: Ilithyia.  Dehydrated and delirious, she collapses.  Some time later, she is revived and sees Glaber standing before her.  They talk, and it’s clear that she has been replaced by Seppia, for what she saw upon entering was not an illusion.  Glaber is told that Spartacus let Ilithyia go.  As for Glaber, he declares himself no longer the man who once loved Ilithyia, but rather, a “monster.”
The next morning, the warriors are still in-fighting, then wonder aloud why Spartacus didn’t kill Ilithyia when Glaber reneged on the deal.  They are not satisfied by his response, and snipe at each other still.  Spartacus tells Agron to attend to a task designed to ease tensions.
Back in Capua, Ilithyia and Lucretia reunite.  She tells Lucretia that the child she’s carrying is Spartacus’.  Together, they ponder how they can keep Glaber from moving forward with Seppia.  At the same time, Glaber plans an attack with Ashur, who has figured out that Ilithyia was held in a temple in Vesuvius.  Ashur asks for, and he thinks granted, his freedom when Spartacus falls.  And in that brave new world, he tells Lucretia later, she will be his wife and Domina in the house of Ashur.
Back to Spartacus.  We see what task Agron completed for him, as he returns from commandeering a truck filled with wine.  The libation fuels the warriors to engage in sport by dueling, a most vigorous team building exercise if ever there was one.  Soon, Oenomaus, Gannicus, Crixus and Agron all release tensions between them.  Everyone is happy, save for Mira, who shortly before learned that Spartacus cannot make himself closer to her in the way she desires.
Meanwhile, Glaber is confronted by Virnius, who has learned of Ilithyia’s kidnapping.  He says that he has been dispatched to take Spartacus down.  He angrily leaves, but not before telling Seppia that her claims about Glaber’s killing her brother are unfounded and ill-timed, to boot.  Seppia later bemoans her fate to Lucretia, who in her usual way, eggs the younger woman towards purpose…killing Glaber.
Sure enough, she’s on her way to do just that, and catches him in an uncompromising position, smashing him with a wine jug.  As she’s about to knife him, she is knifed…by Ilithyia, who then slits her throat, making a literal bloody mess of it, too.  Ilithyia “comforts” her husband, saying that they should move on from recent events, reunite as “monsters”.  They consummate their reunion.
Later, Spartacus is communing with the warriors when they see a flare, a signal that Romans approach.  They get into attack mode, holding off the Romans as best they can.  Virinius is leading part of the attack, but finds that the warriors are not easily felled.  Just then, there’s fireballs in the sky, a deadly attack that takes out some of the warriors, and Virinius as well.  Glaber leads the fireball attack from a safe distance.  Spartacus and the others are forced to fall back, ultimately deciding to take to the higher ground where Glaber is not equipped to follow.  But he has a sinister smirk on his face, knowing that the higher ground is a place of no food or water.  The warriors will come down from the mountain, where he promises to be waiting for them, and vows to kill them all.
One more episode to the season.  How much you want to bet there will be blood spilled! But here’s another question…what did you think of “Monsters”?

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