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Thursday, 08 March 2012


Let's face facts: a lot of guys enjoy anal sex. They don't necessarily do it every time they have sex, nor does every guy end up on the receiving end of the deal, but it does happen. A lot. And whether you're a power player or someone who just enjoys the occasional backdoor action, it’s important to keep healthy.

Heck, even if you're a total "no entry zone," you still need to make sure you're taking care of things. So with that in mind, Gay.net consulted Dr. Robert Bolan and nurse practitioner Elisa Clay of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center for tips on keeping your buns of steel in tip-top—ahem, bottom—shape.

1. Protect yourself:
It’s important to stay safe. “Always protect yourself and your partner by properly using a condom,” Dr. Bolan says. You’re not only preventing the possibility of transmitting diseases, but feeling the latex slide in and out can be a pleasurable experience.

2. Make lube your BFF:
“Water-based lubrication is best and least likely to compromise the integrity of condoms,” Clay says. “Frequent application and reapplication is recommended.” Some lubes use nonoxynol-9, which is a spermicide that can sometimes cause irritation for the receiver. Since you don't have to worry about butt babies, use a lube without nonoxynol-9 and don't risk the itch.

3. Enemas are the enemy:
Frequent use of store-bought enemas can irritate your colon and compromise its natural ability to pass stool. Clean up the way nature intended, with regular bowel movements. However, a product like Fleet Naturals, which is made for regular elective cleansing can be used occasionally.

4. Food for thought:
Eating high-fiber foods (whole grains, leafy vegetables, etc.) and staying hydrated throughout the day increases digestive health. “I would recommend avoiding spicy foods if the butt is really sore or has cuts after receptive anal sex,” Clay says.

5. Massage away:
The buttocks have more flesh than other areas of the body, so ask your partner to massage your glutes. “Anal massage may be healthy to perform with lubrication for those who feel pain and tear during receptive sex,” Clay says.

6. Beware of love in the tub:
Having sex in a hot tub, pool, or the ocean increases risk for unprotected sex. The water’s temperature or chlorine could damage condoms, wash away lubrication, and irritate your anus.

7. Bust a myth:
There are several things one can do to help prevent prostate cancer—a sensible diet and lifestyle, low alcohol intake, taking vitamins—but taking it up the rear isn’t one of them. “Anal sex provides no benefit [such as cancer prevention] to the prostate,” Dr. Bolan says.

8. Visit your M.D.:
“Regular rectal screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia is very important,” Clay says. “Talk to your medical provider about when to screen for colon cancer. They will assess you for any risk factors, which may require early screening. If none are present, screening typically begins at age 50.”

9. Just dance:
The right cardio exercise—whether it’s hiking, biking, or swimming—definitely tones and trains your rear, but nothing’s more fun than dropping low and shaking your ass on the dance floor.



  1. They're all great suggestions and are excellent for those who're too embarrassed to consult with their health practioner. Thank you, buddy, for sharing this important information! Confidence and knowledge for both the giver and receiver enables a healthier relationship for all men! Good job!

    1. Whenever I post something in this space, I always think about how what I put here might help @ least one person so I am happy to post stuff like this.

  2. Pleasure and science go hand in hand. Thanks for sharing those health tips.


    1. Think I will post more stuff like this. Thanks!




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