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Sunday, 12 February 2012


Take a baby’s rattle away while he’s shaking it, and the baby will cry, this notion came to me because last week, there was this lady that came into the store and she decided to tell the couple behind me, ‘repent, God wants you to give your life to him.’ I remained silent and upon reflection thought to myself that neither was open to comforting this Christian belief that ruled lives for SO many year. To me, they were ‘lost’ in their beliefs. They both had [un]knowingly taken the path of least challenge with little question because it was handed to them. To think you have the answers while ignoring all information to the contrary, is to be lost in the mind of illusion. How can any God want a people LOST in holy soup?

People who simply accept beyond questioning are as special as those who either don’t ‘believe’, or those who’ve replaced believing with being open to myth versus fact and are ONLY open to all life’s mysteries of ‘godliness’. ‘Believers’ who regard others as lesser are as stuck in the mind as much as are those not, who don’t open their hearts to accept that each person is where they are at. For that lady to do what she did is her idiotic way of assuming that the couple behind isn’t ‘saved’ is downright insulting. AMAZING how each Christian person can’t seem to have a different view of what being ‘saved‘means. AMAZING how we are born to think for ourselves, to choose to be open to what we discover on our own journey, as well as expressing it as our own creation; yet we rather get lost in HOLY SOUP.

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