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Sunday, 17 July 2011


Forgive me God for my short comings, I guess I’m just caught up in
wanting, the best of worldly satisfaction, 
I can almost see your reaction, when I don’t give you time, 
I owe you so much because you were there when I didn't have a dime. 
My hands I raise to give you thanks and praise, for getting me through the lonely nights and the
long days. 
You’re my creator, can’t think of anyone greater, I will love you now and continue to love you later!! 
You allowed me to years, through my pain and sorrow you wiped away the tears, 
you give me the determination, to keep on keeping on in any situation. I have suffered so, 
but from you I can’t let go, 
you are my sword and shield, you protect me like a soldier’s gun while battling in the field. 
You keep me on the right track, always keeping me moving forward and not looking back. 
Giving unconditional love, from up above, I can’t thank you enough, your love I will feel when the times get rough. As I get older, the world seems so much colder, but you are right there, with warmth and tender loving care. Thank you God, I want us to be like two peas in a pod. You’re my father, and I know you love me even when I’m a Sunday-Christian!




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