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Sunday, 17 April 2011


The punch thrown by this fantasy/sci-fi/action film fell rather flat. Sucker Punch stars Emily Browning (Uninvited,2009) as ''Babydoll'' ,a young girl with an abusive father. In the opening scene, after a failed sexual assault as Babydoll  she retaliates and pulls a gun on her step-father, the police are called and she is taken to a mental asylum -where corruption and exploitation are the order of the day. Through dance (which is what the girls are primarily recruited to do for clients) Babydoll is able to escape her cruel world and allows her control that is otherwise lacking in her life. Dance not only provides a metaphoric escape but also a way for her and her other captives a way to escape that which is their hell hole.

What's Good about the Movie:

The Soundtrack and Score. I must admit that the music selected seemed very appropriate and enhanced scenes and the viewing experience. It's kind of sad when this is the first thing that can be mentioned in positive light when doing a critique but I think it was one the best things about the movie.Would there be  an oscar nomination for best score -highly doubt it.

There were credible performances delivered by Carla Gugino as Dr Vera Gorski- therapist/choreographer/dance instructor for the girls. As well as Jenna Malone who gave a good performance as a tortured and emotionally troubled girl.

What's bad about the Movie:

The special and visual effects which are portrayed as central points of the film are somewhat amateurish and it feels like you are looking at a  video game as opposed to a movie. We get that it is suppose to convey someone's fantasy but more could have been done to improve these effects.

While dance is suppose to also play a central role in this film and is used by the lead character as her escape, never once did we see her dance. I think this would have enhanced those scenes and really connect the audience to her and that emotional journey.

Overall Grade: D, The punch failed to connect though it had its moments, felt too much like a video game and we couldn't feel connected to the main character on her journey.

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