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Sunday, 20 February 2011


When it comes to music thegayte-keeper & I are of opposing views. He believes that there is hardly any good music out there; I believe there is tons of great music/artists it's just that much of it doesn't make it to the main stream. I also like a lot of the stuff that is popular - maybe sometimes with a bit of a twist... So if you've notice thegayte-keeper always posts a throwback video [reminiscing of the days long gone]. Well I've been commissioned to share what's good now - hopefully I'll be able to change his view on the music of today & hopefully you will love it too and share your favorites.

Clare Maguire is a British singer/songwriter; her debut album "Light After Dark" is set for release February 28, 2011. The first single "Ain't Nobody" is a declaration of love to the one that does it so right. 23 year old Clare has a voice that seems to carry the experience of someone twice her age - it is quite unique and I can only compare it to Annie Lennox.
"This is not the end" performed at St. Luke's Church couples Clare's haunting voice with powerful lyrics - the perfect song for a Requiem or maybe just for those who just love a sad song at times. The song does offer a happy ending - so it's not a total sob fest. This is my favorite of her work thus far - it seems to draw you in and hold you - excellent work here.
I truly agree with the optimism in this song, for Clare, this truly is not the end; this is just the beginning.
Visit Clare's site: http://www.claremaguire.co.uk/


  1. this is not the end..wow.. what a voice and a sentiment that those who have lost someone know too well.. thanks for this song




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