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Friday, 11 February 2011


I know this is the day when the entire planet stops and observes LOVE collectively. All the roses, candies and jewelry that are being purchased and exchanged suppose to show your SPECIAL one that you LOVE and CARE about them. I don’t know how it’s done in other parts of the world, but here in the Bahamas there are lines of persons selling gift baskets along the streets and floral stores are bombarded with orders of roses. I am not oppose to people making and us showing affection on this day but does it spill over into the rest of your life? Why buy the VAGINA of the plant, a basket stuff with PAPER and give the sales girl a nice COMMISSION on that expensive piece of jewelery?

I sit and ponder why should I take this day and make it the best ever and forget the other 364 that still exist? A man such as myself questions V-Day because it does not represent the true romance everybody craves. It is a superficial show of affection - letting someone know you care just because you are supposed to. You should not need a reason to show someone you love them. Though this holiday provides an opportunity to show someone you care, TOO many relationships depend on Valentine's Day. They need it to give life to their relationships; TOO many couples need reasons to show affection. True romance doesn't just happen one day of the year. It should be present every day, and it should not be as cliché as chocolate and roses.

Love needs to have a little bit of inherent pizazz in it, and roses do not provide the necessary amount of kick and spice to a relationship. LONG TERM HAPPINESS should be the order of the day for the pursuit of happiness is surely the chief of human pursuits. Even if one pursues pleasure to its limit, this is surely a vain attempt to sustain fleeting and delusive moments of happiness. In addition to this most of us know from experience that an obsession with pleasure is rarely conducive to happiness and this day doesn’t provide ANYTHING other than PLEASURE! Happiness on the other hand is a more durable state of mind. With HAPPINESS we begin to see that happiness and pleasure are quite different things. Whereas pleasure results from an interaction with some definite object; (i. e. V-DAY) happiness is a state of well-being not derived from any particular object in the world, but is experienced as a result of a total overview of one's life and its possibilities. Whereas pleasure is related to the love of worldly things, happiness can only stem from a love of life as a whole. SO AS THIS DAY IS CELEBRATED WHAT’S YOUR REASON 4 ACKNOWLEDING V-DAY?


  1. It is a nice time to just reflect on the joys of having love in your life, I agree maybe we carry the holiday to far, but it is nice to have the day just to remind ourselves and those we love and love us that we appreciate their love and loving them. Candy and a card is about as far as I go on this day because I try to give them other gifts all year long "just because."

    Happy Valentine's Day to both you and Noel.





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