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Thursday, 03 February 2011


I want you to want a man with a head on his shoulders
Who can stand on his own two feet
With goals, dreams who will battle defeat
A man who will not depend on you to carry the full load

I want you to
 look for a man who will take responsibility for his life
Who will stop blaming his last lover, mother, father or his ex-wife
But instead will consider his own actions, take control of his own life
Am I asking for too much of you?

I am NOT mandating perfection, I just want you to be determined
To have someone you don't have to drag with you, but who will walk beside me
Someone who even though he may be jobless, will satisfy you
In ways that can't been seen by no one else but you!

Yes, he should compliment you in bed, that's important
The mere fact that you can fcuk til dawn is dead, is AMAZING!
But that's not all I want for you, how about a little conversation every now and then
A little bit of affection every now and again
Cause If a dick is all he has, you can get that anywhere.

I'm tired of seeing you being alone,
But I refuse to tell you to settle for a man who just wants to hit it
I don't care if he's a pretty young thing that can make you speak in tongues,
Or that ‘sugar daddy’ you long for
I just want you to want someone with substance, who's there when you come home
Who will love you for you!

So Tell Me, Am I asking too much of you?

1 comment:

  1. I would post this as an advertisment in the papers to see just what kinda response I would get. Nice entry, thanks for sharing and like so many others we are looking for that man.




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