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Monday, 20 December 2010


Have you ever notice that there are certain gay men who dare to defy the societal impositions of manhood forced upon them? They live lives full of personal and professional success beyond measure without hesitation or signs of disgust @ the thought of them sharing a life with another man. We see these men every day, they are our doctors, lawyers, accountants and any man that has a profession that affords them many of what the world has to offer…including buying their acceptance or hidden aversion from persons that deem them acceptable because of the money they make. Why is that?
Now I would LOVE to believe that the primary reason for this ‘acceptance’ is because these men are GENUINELY able to connect with society as human beings, regardless of the differences that typically seek to divide us. However we all know better! Now don’t get me wrong, I feel that a gay man in his professional life, when he is genuine with himself, and is able to tap into the true desires of his heart and identify those things which are most important to him is a WONDERFUL thing. It is superb that he can achieve such a feat, but what about the countless gay men like myself that have the same passion, but lack the financial standing? We both ascertain our passions, we are candid with ourselves, yet we are on the outs and the gay man that has the awesome financial standing is in! Don’t you find it odd that the money he has allows him to navigate into arenas that he desires to travel in? How nice it must be for him to be able to communicate his wants and needs, AND be ‘respected’ ANDwell-liked’ for being a gay man with money!

Such a pity that the key to his success is based on the fact that ‘money can buy status’ and NOT that he is acceptable if he didn’t have the ‘green’ to gain their acceptance. I suppose one day gay men like me can gain acceptance by NOT being manipulated into a false sense of social status. One day gay men like me would not only have people want to do things for them, but they would keep us in mind for opportunities and advancement that we may not even be aware of…Bottom line, society would take us as we are with/without money; and they EASIEST way for that to happen is if society moves itself from a people that are closed, to a more open, honest and genuine people that knows that money is merely paper with numbers on it that happens to have some value. Perhaps one day they’ll realize that the world won’t fall off of its access, if they accept a gay man for who he is and NOT what he has. 


  1. It appears that you have had an interview or two with one of my ex's, he was one of these people until I taught him that it was okay today to just be himself and stop letting that paycheck and income defy him of who it really happens to be nevertheless, the fool and his money soon parted. he never took heed to the lessons.


  3. i completely understand your point, but i disagree.. the affluent gays your talking about aren't accepted for who they are, they are accepted because they have money and their position. that's why famous people stay in the closet. if you have noticed its human nature to "clique" or group together. like with like. and every now and again, you get the odd duck that doesn't want to fit in. but you hardly ever see a poor person being close friends with a rich person or gay people hanging out with straight people. i think its just human nature. and with whom your comfortable. but i do think that gay people tend to be more accepting of others, so we end up having an unusual assortment of friends or associates.




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