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Sunday, 24 October 2010


We all know that we did NOT choose to be born; we did NOT choose our parents we do NOT choose the country of our birth and/or the immediate circumstances of our upbringing; and while it is true that we all are born, live, suffer and die, the thing that distinguishes someone like me, from a religious person is what we do in between. Many have the un-testable belief in the afterlife that it almost seems as if they don’t care about pain of this world. Compared with the eternal bliss/torture of Heaven or Hell, pain in this world is but a stubbed toe. Can someone tell me why SO many religious people have a DEEP-SEATED belief that in order to do well in the world, they have to suffer n’ sacrifice?

I know that this commonly held idea stems from a certain mentality, inherited from ancestors who came before us who may have experienced this as true. But isn’t this often the way in which false beliefs take hold and don’t let go, even though they are no longer relevant? We must all live our own lives, in our own time, and learn what is true for us, because very few truths prove valid for all people all the time.

Keeping our minds clear of false notions is not an easy task, as it requires us to first know our beliefs. Very often, these beliefs have settled deep in our unconscious minds where they simply sit unquestioned. Nevertheless, they have an effect on our hearts, our minds, and our reality. These beliefs act on us, creating situations and relationships that we regard as fate, when they are, in fact, simply our unconscious minds manifesting in the external world. As a result, we may not even be aware that we are carrying the burden of a poverty STRICKEN spirituality, and we may wonder why we are not manifesting abundance, especially since it is MY belief that we deserve it! The time to look deeper within ourselves to discover the obstacle(s) rises and set with the sun each day, yet we do NOTHING about it!

Is it time to take on the day, and conquer the night! The life that lives mostly in the dark stays in the dark, oblivious to the ‘idea of the light’ with growing self awareness. All the answers to move into the light of awareness and consciousness are found by using the invisible ‘light switch’ called ‘your choice’ that hides in the talking head, and the waiting, ignored heart. I get that in order to evolve, it is important that we examine the contents of our minds and hearts and get to the root of what we believe about reality. Generally, our concerns of the moment can be trusted to guide our inquiries. If we are not manifesting and maintaining the abundance we know we deserve, then this issue is calling us to look into the hidden corners of our psyches and root out any remaining beliefs that tell us we must suffer and sacrifice in order to do well. Our efforts will take us one more step away from this energy-sapping belief that we no longer need.

Within this realm of choicelessness, doesn’t it hurt choosing NOT to live? Nearly all religions seek conversions of people to pay for its religious salesmen to have a means of income. Why can’t we see that? Why is it SO hard for the many followers to see that their religious leader isn’t living like a pauper? From where I am sitting, they have NOTHING to offer that is not within you! I wonder if religious leaders are afraid of empowering their followers and enforcing that life is being ‘sourced’ by them.

Spirituality should feel good; and religious experiences that leave one feeling depleted, sad, and make excuses are not based in love. Religions are the ‘WalMart’ of fake spirituality for those looking for a cheap, quick fix, and not willing to take the time and effort to look within themselves where all the answers lie. I am sure they are weak from that transcendental experience that goes NO WHERE! I know that I am trying to undo years of teachings, but I will ALWAYS implore people in this world to build their spirituality around qualities like love, awareness, where no one is the monopoly! It is SO important that we know ourselves in a manner NOT dictated by someone else. BREAK FREE OF THAT SAFETY NET, BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SEEK THE LIGHT & ASK YOURSELF, WHY NOT NOW?


  1. Very eloquently said. The question could also be: Does an almighty, all knowing, all encompassing Creator needs us to worship it?





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