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Sunday, 25 July 2010


If we TRULY valued our fellow humans on this planet, we would NEVER terrorize each other by allowing Christians to tell same-sex individuals that they'll be tortured in fire forever if they don't obey the rules of ‘god’. Everyone wants the inner peace that is read about in books and to wakeup every moment until our last day with an overwhelming sense of a deep AND peaceful love within us. But in the real world, it seems that LOVE can ONLY become divinely real when hate fills the aura within. How does a Christian say to a person like me, imagine putting your hands in a fire, to imagine the crackling and burning and screaming pain...and then to imagine doing that for a minute, an hour, a day, a lifetime…FOR ETERNITY!

How can a Christian person think the next life is more important than this one, when they believe the infinite burning and torture is really going to happen if we don't obey God's word? How much love can they have for a man such as me when they would GLADLY give me nightmarish visions of pain and torture, dispensed by the Fatherly God who supposedly created AND loves me? Funny how their love comes without a second thought huh?  

Loving me and hating what I do sexually is NOT loving me @ all, for being gay is apart of me; and the last time I checked I couldn’t choose to be gay anymore than they could choose to hate/love ALL of me. From an early age I was often told by family members that if I grow up to be gay they would kill me. So naturally I was taught about the dangers of sin and what awaits persons like me…CAN YOU SAY CHILD ABUSE? This so called love they hand out is a merely a popular word that is tossed without any soul behind it. How can it not be? When love is used in a positive way it has merit, but it is NOT a consuming feeling beyond the understanding of the mind. Their side offering of ‘love’ with side order of ‘hate’ is little more than a ‘flat line’ expression of words that may have some resonance but yet barely above hollow.

They would have us believe that the ‘benefits of hate in love’ are what their ‘god’ allows them to do, but WE KNOW BETTER! In order for that to be true, the souls in question (Christian/‘Sinner’) has to go beyond the realm of what we were taught…I am MORE than willing to go there, however I know I would be on that journey ALONE! The ‘ego’ of Christianity that lurks AND stalks us would NEVER be filled by the divine energy since both would need to reconcile their differences. Love is NEVER about surrendering yourself to another human that still has HATE in their soul for you; for the kind of love they offer is just tied to religion N’ scripture and NOT to humanity N’ spirituality. 


  1. Strange how so many people tend to quote the Bible and suggest what will transpire if we continue to be same sex lovers, but what puzzles me is that those same people commit sins, but try and justify their actions.

    Haven't met anyone that has gone to that river of fire and come back to alert the sinners. I do know that there is a hell on earth made by man.


  3. I agree. Loving someone should no be biased.




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