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Sunday, 11 April 2010


None of us is born with a visitors' guide that provides explicit rules for thought and behavior that will enable us to navigate life successfully. So when we have to deal with the numberless amount of complexities to which we are ALL subjected to, we each develop a set of habits that grounds us in assuring that life is progressing. And THE ONE habit that is used by many is doing things in the name of their ‘GOD’.

The other day it was reported in the news here that a man had sex with four boys ages 6, 5, 4 & 2; all are brothers and were in his care. So the subject of this heinous act came up @ work and one of the ladies in the conversation decided to express her feeling towards the man. She was going on and on about how in the name of Jesus and his angels how she wish she could get her hands on him so she could butcher him because of what he did. Of course she let it be known that God would understand. Now I understand her feeling and I know where it is coming from, but I can’t help wonder: ¿WOULD HER ‘GOD’ REALLY UNDERSTAND?

Me being the one that doesn’t subscribe to HER beliefs and HER god, I can’t help but feel that if HER creator is all knowing N’ powerful and he allowed this to take place, how can she take such a position? I know she is a mere human, but I feel that she should understand that she is ONLY seeing the under side, while her ‘GOD’ is seeing the upper side. What happened to her grieving for both the man and the boys and leaving the rest up to her ‘GOD?’ When this life is all but done we shall know the reason why pain was entwined with joy, but until then what should she do?

How about she NOT commit spiritual suicide by limiting her ‘GOD’ through shutting down the possibility of being enlightened and enriched by the things that happen on this planet, be it good OR bad? How can one build such a barrier between themselves and our fellow travelers and then feel such anger that we think we could/should take care of ‘GOD’s’ business? I ALWAYS thought that people like her and their beliefs in ‘GOD’ meant that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE…DESPITE WHAT OTHERS DOIsn’t EVERY human being  intrinsically good, despite themselves? So why can’t she somehow keep her soul open and forgive just because? .

I ALWAYS thought that forgiveness frees us from and provides an opportunity to make a fresh start. Would my asking her to forgive such a man mean she is condoning his actions? All she is doing is living with stagnant energy that will continue to eat and destroy us on this planet! I wonder if for ONE second she considers what it must be like for the man who committed this heinous crime? How messed up was he to not stop himself from taking these boys to such a place? Please note that I am NOT supporting his actions, I am just trying to bring balance to what took place as I endeavor to see the world the way he does.  

There is a message in such a painful act and as a society we continuously MISS IT! We are NOT about finding the cause to such a problem we are ONLY concerned about the punishment we want to inflict. Destroying such a soul does NOT stop it from happening again and though anger takes us, should we allow such an impulse to take us over? Things like incest and molestation are the universe’s way of letting us know that something is wrong with how we live and co-exist with each other on this planet. If we listen to pain and NOT resist the valuable message it brings us, we would find ourselves, communities and planet in a better place. So I am asking for her to have an emotional understanding instead of throwing away another because she deemed him NOT fit to be part of her “‘GOD’s” world…That way of thinking NEVER served a purpose and the internal filter that manipulates which parts of her inner monologues get voiced outside of her head needs to be checked because I am not sure that her ‘GOD’ would really understand her actions towards his creation in his name…


  1. You show more of a knowledge of, and faith in, the teachings of Jesus than most professing Christians whom I know! Best wishes, Jerry.

  2. Important post for us to ponder together...

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  3. I guess I am not as spiritual as I suppose 'cause I agree with the woman. Although, I would leave God out of it, go rogue and just take care of business!

    Crimes against children are are a whole other category. The perpetrators should be treated like the animals they are.

  4. I understand where you coming from, but..., "...I can’t help but feel that if HER creator is all knowing N’ powerful and he allowed this to take place, how can she take such a position?" -God didn't ALLOW for that to happen. What ppl of faith BELIEVE is that God controls EVERYTHING, that is NOT true. What ppl of faith forget is that the devil is working just as the Lord is. Not only THAT, but when he created us he gave something POWERFUL...a mind OF OUR OWN, w/ that mind of our own, he gave us has human beings...FREE WILL.Despite God their ARE bad things that happen in this world, he DIDN'T create this world to be perfect. Now the fact that someone would want something like THAT viciously murdered may be morally wrong, it is how a lot of ppl would feel, ESPECIALLY if it was their child. Would God understand it...no, but to feel that way is quite understandable to another human being. A lot of ppl THINK like that, but thinking and DOING are is what makes the difference. He should punish to the highest extent possible of his crime in the court of law.








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