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Wednesday, 03 March 2010


The term ‘women’s work’ has come to have a derogatory connotation in recent years. Women’s work used to encompass ONLY domestic chores like cooking, cleaning, and raising children. However when a person is limited to only certain kinds of work in a society, there is a need to break free from that work in order to inhabit a place of choice. So with MOST women's decision to take a place in the working world, they pretty much made it a battle ground.

Even though most offices today are dominated in number by female employees I have yet to work in one where the women actually get along with each other, have each other’s best interest @ heart or even refrains from making some snide remark about a fellow female employee. Hence this battle is what I would like to call THE BIGGEST TITS N’ TIGHTEST PUSSY GAME! So when pussy walks in a pair of high heels onto ANY job, it seems as if it brings CONSTANT drama that could cause us that witness it to declare a state of emergency. From where I am standing, it seems like women ONLY exist to make each other miserable by pulling each other down! How does one deal with women that undermine each other? Moreover, why do women treat each other this way? Whatever happened to a woman feeling happy for another woman who looks INCREDIBLE after getting herself fix up? Why they underlying tension and the need to do away with a woman that is perceived as better than you? Is it the perceived shortage of men that is make them act like this? Are they SO busy competing for eligible male attention that they immediately feel hostile in some way toward another if they feel she may have the upper hand?

Most women will look at another woman and say, 'I can't stand her, she thinks she's all that.' When I hear such statements, they prove to me that they are merely emotional creatures. Meaning most logic and reason goes out the window…How logically is it carry hatred for another woman you don’t know OR you’ve never seen before? Everywhere I go, I see the same behavior in women; and @ my current job you have the “social butterflies” and the rest are basically the followers. On the surface, you would think that they must look up to the leaders. But when you pass by, if you look close, you'll see signs of dissension in the ranks.

Secretly, ALL women have their idea of what a complete woman is. I think they believe that the ultimate woman is someone who is appealing to men, has a great sense of style, is classy and has a devoted group of female admirers. So when they see one another possibly attaining even one of these attributes, we see the claws. The scheming and sabotaging PROVES what a former boss told me…His wish was that he could have an ALL MALE staff, but he knows that he would be seen as sexist so he couldn’t do it. I never gave his words that much thought, but as I progressed in my career, I started to wonder how can women break through the glass ceiling if they are ducking verbal blows from other women in cubicles, hallways and conference rooms?

I know it is a dog eat dog world out there, but women REALLY need to learn how to truly appreciate themselves for who they are and what makes them truly beautiful and feminine. Sabotaging each other because they feel that helping their female co-workers could jeopardize their own careers ONLY creates a chaotic working environment. I know that breaking this vicious cycle will be difficult when SO many have been competing with their sisters for their dad’s attention, but if a woman is going to run a company and be seen as an equal to a man, she has to prove that she can get her peers to support her COMPLETELY! Don’t they have enough obstacles already?


  1. Jealousy, inferiority complex & inability to mind our own business, maybe..?

  2. Why ask why? That is one fight I ain't going to go into the middle of. when the claws come out a smart man retreats to silence.

  3. I am speechless because I love this blog today. I have no words. It was very well written and thought-provoking.

  4. So many women so few men, this creates problems in the workplace and at play, some women need attention all the time, and frown upon any attention given to any other women they feel is less than deserving. Cat Fight!








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