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Sunday, 11 October 2009


Faith makes people want to kill each other, but it's the best thing we've got. Israelis and Palestinians are killing each other by the hundreds in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Hindus and Muslims are slaughtering each other in India, herding neighbors into house or trains then setting them afire. Catholics and Protestants continue to kill each other in Northern Ireland. Sunnis and Shias have their arms wrapped around each other's throats throughout the Islamic world. And of course, on Sept. 11, 19 Muslims were so determined to murder helpless Christians and Jews that they were willing to die to shed the blood of other religions. Not a terribly good reflection on faith, is it? If religion makes people want to murder each other, maybe religion is bad for the world.
Religion has certainly been bad for history. In recent decades alone, Hindus and Sikhs have been slaughtering each other, blowing up airliners and firing artillery shells into temples. In the fighting over Sri Lanka, Tamil Hindus have fired machine guns at school buses full of Sinhalese Buddhist children, and the Buddhists in turn have firebombed Hindu schools. Thousands of Chinese grew up as orphans because their Buddhist parents were murdered during World War II at the urging of Shinto priests.
Looking further back, huge numbers of Eastern Orthodox Armenians were murdered by Muslims at the turn of the century. Much of Europe's history has been a nightmare of Christian-on-Christian killing, including the 30 Years' War, in which an estimated 7.5 million people--one-third of the European population at the time--died owing to Catholic-versus-Protestant slaughter. England's history is full of Protestants murdering Catholics; France's history is full of Catholics murdering Protestants; Spain's history is full of Christians murdering Jews. Pretty much all of Europe is to blame for the Crusades, in which Christians murdered Muslims. This inventory could go on at considerable length. King Olaf Tryggvason's declaration from about the year 1000--"all Norway will be Christian or die!"--sums it up. So is faith bad? The fact that religions preach love, but often generate violence, cannot be dismissed as a minor imperfection. CAN IT?


  1. "Faith makes people want to kill each other, but it's the best thing we've got."

    Faith - or superstition as it's more correctly called - is clearly not the best thing we've got. We'd be a lot better off without it - it's time to throw away the (far from) 'holy books' and start listening to reason and common sense.

  2. People give up on religion too quickly because they take it out of context. they add the person to the religion and all the other feelings and emotions that come with the territory! Religion clearly states, in most religions, not to kill. At the very most, it might say to defend, but I have yet to see that. Peolpe get offended at other people that choose not to follow their path. You simply can't do that. You do allah and muhhamad and I'll Do Jesus Christ and lets call it a night. We're different, doesn't mean i gotta slit ya throat.

    People look for scapegoats all of the time. A reason to do something and something to point fingers at when things go wrong. Religion seems to be the easiest target. But religion wasn't the one that murdered those people, it was the PEOPLE! People do foolish things. In anyman's religion, their god is perfect and its laws alike. People messup and there is need for pennance, alms or repentance or whatever the price is to cleanse yourself from iniquity. Never have I heard someone say God, or their higher power(s), had an opps moment! It's us that's in error.

    Just another perspective...

  3. Honestly? No. I don't think so. I think the world could be worst without religion.
    We all know that some people were motivated by wrong interpretations, using them as an excuse for murdering and hating, but I think that it brought wisdom to people as well. I mean, how many people thought about hurting us or our children but they stopped because teaches of his religion told him no to kill, not to do anything to people that we don't want for ourselves?
    People that use religion erroneously forgot that Jesus, not religion, preached love, and THAT is a shame.

  4. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the cults, Scientology, the Heaven's Gate loonies, the snake handler's, phony faith healers, televangelists etc are all 100% BULL SHIT ! ! !

    They exit for one reason to control the minds and the lives of the "beleivers" who have either been brain washed since early childhood to beleive in religion's absurd myths,ridiculous superstitions and empty rituals; or gullible, ignorant, weakminded people who are unable or unwilling to accept the reality of their own mortality.

    Heaven and Hell are right here on earth depending on what choices one makes during one's lifetime.

  5. I don't think religions and faith are inherently bad at all. They way they are used and twisted, inserts the destructive ,negative elements. Religion and faith are only tools.

    I honestly don't think we would be any better off without religion. The same ill-informed, fearful, hateful people would exist and would find other ways to express and act on their agendas.

    Human beings have a lot of work to do on their collective soul before we will see lees fear, hate, and stupidity reside in our spiritual selves. I know we can get there; I don't know if we can get to that place before we extinguish ourselves.




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