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Thursday, 11 June 2009


THIS BLOG WAS WRITTEN AS I SOUGHT TO UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT THIS LOVE THING IS ALL ABOUT. IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW, I WOULD HAVE CUT MYSELF SOME SLACK & NOT BE SO HARD ON MYSELF. LOVE HAS TAUGHT ME THAT NOT BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK OUT WITH SOMEONE THAT IT DOESN’T MEAN LOVE IS DEAD…Love to me is like a roller coaster it makes my mind and body go up and down, yet people wonder why I am such cynic? Think about it; I have love standing in front of me, taunting me, testing me as I still await my ‘curtain call.’ I stand tall and do not bow or run scared from this dragon without fire, lion with no teeth! SHOULD SOMEONE LIKE ME FALL BEFORE YOUR FEET? Should I run from my shadow for your sake? Stay there in the darkness, the light reveals that you have no power and I shall not wallow in my pain for you! Should I let myself be burned up so that I may walk through my own ashes for your sake? You retreat into darkness for you are too shame to search for weaker prey, for a ‘MAN’ walking alone in the night is your terror now? The leprous beasts of death is at my heels now…I will say a prayer and smite thee, watch you run like a squirrel, like a fox at the sound of a blood hounds seeking your blood. I want you to tremble in anticipation…HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOURSELF TO ME? I am going to defeat you, so shake the earth with your mighty hooves snort and stomp in the dust; see that I am not shaking before you. I will stand on a great rock; I will not be move for your pleasure I will not bow to your ghastly forms anymore, your teeth are like sponges; like soft rubber your claws look like razors, but they are blades of straw. So lie in front of me, see that I have authority over you. I will laugh at your pathetic form, poke at your empty rib cage jab my hands in your stomach and rip your heart out! I can see your eyes are still yellow with hunger, I know you still seek my flesh I see your rage and its griping ever so tightly like lighting strikes and a roar from the GODS on high. I WILL FOLLOW THE PATH OF TRUTH FOR IT SHALL SET YOU FREE! You are a lie that keeps your victims in bondage always encouraging me to ignore my inner most truth. I SAY NO MORE…I know who I am and I will blanket myself with that persona never allowing you to make me a carbon copy of LOVE again…I have broken down the walls I see the trueness of it all in the reflection of me. The path is clearly marked I want to step into the warmth of infinite healing; I want to feel myself breath again. I now only face the canyon of separation, the empty space; time has no meaning…LOVE…A FOUR LETTER WORD?


  1. I love this.

    I want that love thing everyone is talking about.
    Everyone around me is "my boo" this and "we are now together" that.

    Makes a single boy want to join the party lol

  2. Amazing. you need to stay out of my head. Love was something that i was so afraid of doing again. But always something that i fought for so hard. Its always there but its not scary anymore. Love and I broke up for a while but we found our way back from eachother and we both have learned how to co-exist.

  3. Im vunerable right now...so Im the wrong chick to ask about love....

    but what I want from love is more of trust, and someone that will be by my side with their boots tied. Knowing that we both can see no flaws or faults before seeing all that perfected. Being able to still smile at me after a mistake, hold me and say its ok babe. Just a feeling that I know that is like a roller coaster....so long as I can stay abroad.

  4. Love is a wonderful thing. To me, I feel like LOVE is the meaning to almost all things. Like people always say the ultimate question is, "Why are we here?" I feel like love is the answer.

    But like anything in life, what would the reward of love be without the trails and tribulations we face along the way to discover it? If love was so easy to find, it would be meaningless. There would be no satisfaction, no feeling of accomplishment, leaving one questioning it's very existence and it's very purpose.

    Love is the one thing people crave for from the first to the last day. Basically, love is the Alpha, and the Omega. When people speak of God, couldn't you find it relatively easy to relate it with love? They say God created all things. Look around you, there's not much proof in divine creation, but there's definitely proof of love.

    I feel like there are many steps one would have to take in order to find love in it's truest form. You'd first have to find it in yourself. I'm not talking about a shallow form, but an almost metaphysical form of appreciation of your existence. You'd have to know yourself, your strengths, your flaws, and be able to have the most sincere gratitude for all of it. To love yourself the way you are would be the first step; and that's the step many people shrug off, or half-ass, leaving them with a half-assed relationshit much like it.

    Love is everything: it's beautiful, ugly, cherished, disregarded, needed, despised, fun, scary, happy, sad, easy, hard, etc... If you are honestly willing to fight for love, to die for love, then love will find you.

    So anyways, this comment is dragging on way too long. I really just wanted to say I love this post. It's very beautiful in it's description of that wonderful four letter word!




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