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Sunday, 26 April 2009


WHAT IS GOD…A SUPREME FIGURE KEEPING SCORE? THE SALVATION YOU SEEK WITH FEAR & TREMBLING? THE WORLD’S GREATEST THOUGHT? THE ELEMENT THAT MAKES US HUMAN? A DISTORTED ILLUSION? THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN? THE ANSWER TO THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS? Depend on who you ask, you’d get a series of responses, after all the world out there is nothing but a mirror of our beliefs…right? So it stands reason that if one changes his/her beliefs that their world would reflect the change…right? So let’s go the beginning…before all things physical could be made manifest into form there was CONSCIOUSNESS; and this directed light into place known as the universe. From this light, comes everything we experience as OUR reality. This reality has taught us that everything in the universe fits into four categories: GRAVITY, ELECTROMAGNETISM, STRONG & WEAK FORCES. However, ELECTROMAGNETISM (light) is the one we see and we see only see a fraction of it. This within itself presents a problem because we can only consider so much about what believe and it seems that we keep waiting for an answer about WHO IS GOD, when GOD doesn’t answer because GOD just is. The concept of GOD in my opinion goes like this…90% of the universe appears to be empty space, with only 10% (or less) being light the OBVIOUS question would be what is the 90% of space made up of? We considered various names for it, but if we define it by giving it a name, aren’t we just putting limit on something that goes beyond what we can see OR believe? Think about how the objects we see are nothing more than light, moved through frequencies into the lens of the eye and onto the back of the brain. Doesn’t this make you wonder if the brain is even seeing anything @ all? From where I am sitting this says to me that the world is not outside us, but within us…Thus the concept of GOD depends on what we may OR may not see…Hence the problem because how can one connect with something they can’t see? I say we can through REVOLUTION...however, this can ONLY HAPPEN IF & WHEN WE RESIST THE EGO, THE SELF-CENTERED NATURE THAT WANTS TO REACT, SCREAM, CHEAT, YELL, WORRY & ABUSE & CONNECT OUR SOULS TO GOD. I believe that if we are to KNOW if GOD exists or not, we need to try to TALK to GOD from OUR hearts and see if we can finally see…This would mean that we do away with the notion that those who QUESTIONS GOD’S exist aren’t on the same path as those that believe despite not knowing for sure. Some chooses to believe in the 90% while others simply want to see more. Sure the skeptics can come across as aggressive AND offensive, but we all live in a world where NO one can say they are 100% right and the other is 100% wrong. WHAT EGOS WE HUMANS HAVE TO INSIST OTHERWISE! How foolish is it to dispute the existence of GOD while we empower our egos AND destroying ourselves? We as humans looked to OUR mortal minds for answers and COMPLETELY forgot the TRUTH about our being; and if we are to awaken from our FALSE beliefs, we can effectively reflect WHO GOD REALLY IS…After all, we aren’t just human beings, but GOD being human…I think that the POPULAR RELIGIOUS version of GOD is what keeps us from finding the GOD in ourselves…AREN’T WE OFFENDING EACH OTHER BY NOT FIND GOD IN EACH OTHER BEFORE WE CAST OUR NETS IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD? I FOR ONE FIND IT AMAZING HOW THIS STORY OF BELIEF BETWEEN US & GOD STARTS WITH US & IT’LL END THAT SAME WAY…NOW IF ONLY WE COULD STOP SEEKING & LET THE OBVIOUS ANSWERS FIND EACH ONE OF US…


  1. OK, a committed atheist, here, and this is why I believe there is no god: -

    1) God's existence cannot be proven; nor can it be disproven. God's existence cannot be disproven; nor can it be proven.

    2) Man's laws and principles are disputably based on an innate sense of right and wrong (so-called "morals"); some say this innate sense comes from a higher being, or a God.

    However, over the years, these laws have been adapted, changed, or done away with due to man's faculty for critical thinking and debate. Does this mean God's morals are outdated? In which case, if there is a God, he is either unable to adapt (hence we are not made in his image, since we are able to adapt), or he is unwilling (in which case he is stubborn and cruel; meaning he is not beyond human caprice, and therfore does not deserve worship).

    3) The theories of the Big Bang and Evolution provide alternative debate on the creation of the universe and all life within, based on scientific evidence and conjecture. Theorists freely and happily admit that not all answers are given by these theories, and that there are several questions raised by them, but all of these doubts are openly acknowledged, and answers are continually being sought after.

    If science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of a God, then God does not work in a scientific manner; in which case, our concept of science is wrong and dangerous. Should we, then, reject all modern scientific and technological advancements, regardless of the good it has done?

    4) Most religions, all of which claim their god or gods to be the only true god or gods, teach their doctrine within a spectrum of liberal interpretation to rigid dogma, all based on the fundamental teaching that their god or gods exist and we are here to live our lives with the god or gods in our minds. They have also taught their followers to ensure followers of other religions be forcibly converted or die. The last century has seen a shift in such open hatred, and most spokespersons for religious organisations are keen to "share" God, but not beliefs and practices.

    Therefore, God is subjective, both to the social apparatus that is organised religion and to the individual.

    If the idea of God is subjective, then one can choose to interprete God however one wishes; or, like myself, choose not to accept God, since one may not be so eager to guide one's life based on pure conjecture and subjectivity.

    6) "But what is man's life, if not a search for the truth?" I hear you ask. Well, some of us are willing to view truth as a double-edged sword. There are truths defined by man, of which we are uncertain about and can never prove or disprove. If God is one of these truths, better for some to live by the truths they can come to via experience and evidence, rather than accept an uncertainty, without recognising or questioning it.

    If one comes to the God conclusion via this route, good for them. Otherwise, there is no God.

    Terrible argument, I know, but I'm not a philosopher. That's the way I came to my conclusion, I'm just sharing it.

  2. Oh, well said, Sanya! Bravo dear boy!! Truth, logic, intelligence in spades, and some God damn common sense.

    You'll still get shot down in flames by all the loonies clutching their bibles, though...

  3. Can we disprove the existence of anything that falls outside of our knowledge and experience? Suppose someone says that pink unicorns exist. Because pink unicorns are currently unknown to either science or common human experience, does this prove that pink unicorns don't exist?

    It does not. It's possible, for example,that pink unicorns exist on one or more planets in our galaxy or others, just not Earth. Both our current science and experience is limited.

    This example implies that the existence of any entity can not be disproved, unless humans are omniscient across all dimensions of possible existence. Clearly, we are not omniscient. Therefore, the existence of God always remains a possibility, like the pink unicorn.

    As a result, atheism is not a reasonable belief. Only agnosticism or belief in God are reasonable.

    It's possible that God falls within human knowledge and experience, in which case there will be belief in God, or God lies outside of human knowledge and experience, which could mean either 1) God doesn't exist, or 2) God exists, but as an entity that is currently unknown, like the pink unicorn.

  4. well Im not sure If I agree with Sanya.....but I do fear this belief that I have grown to know that has died and risen for my sins. To be honest...I cant really prove that he really exist to save my life. But I know this world wasnt built on its own. For this I believe...and I pray...and I know that Im saved!

  5. Okay babes, on this one you've completely lost me. I'm groping in the dark here, sweetness.

  6. Err... I'm with Miss Shallotte, but I was afraid to say what she said. That post made my head hurt.

  7. I KNOW U ARE ALL LOST IN THE ABYSS OF DISCERNING WHETHER GOD IS REAL OR NOT BUT I was looking at this pic U have up Gayte of the two black dudes holding up these golden wings for this white boi...I hope that is not supposed to mean GOD IS WHITE..UNFORTUNATELY we (Black Americans) have been taught in the past that Adam and Eve were white people who didnt have any clothes on and that Jesus had blonde hair and blue eyes! Its all nonsense of course because obviously there is no fact to that claim at all. Of course that GOES INTO ISSUES OF WHITE SUPERIORITY and keeping blacks in their place. Of course I am NOT going to delve into those waters because I KNOW that Most of those who read this post are ready for that conversation (WHICH REQUIRES ANALYTICAL AND HISTORICAL EVIDENCE and not emotional-ignorant opinions) That was not meant for anyone btw Im just saying. People limit God all the time which is why PEOPLE ARE SO BRAINWASHED TO ACCEPT homosexuality as wrong. Sticking to religious beliefs of the white slave master and not maintaining their own faith and relationship with a higher power is part of some people's problems. I DIGRESS.

  8. Oh just for corrections sake I did mean to say that "Most of those who read this post are NOT ready for that conversation. Also I apologize because I did off topic and placed race in this conversation where were just referring to God.

  9. Gee Jamar, I guess Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists-R-Us was all out of strait-jackets this month, huh?





  11. I don't care what can be proven or not....There is certainly a God in my life. The rest of the world can believe what they want...Eventually were all gonna know.




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