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Friday, 09 January 2009


So it’s been a week since the darkness came into the light, and it came with such a vengeance that it seems that its purpose is to divide N’ conquer…seek N’ destroy. The honeymoon is DEFINITELY over because my B!TCH of a boss has returned! The person that reminds me that I am LIVING paycheck TO paycheck, as she takes PRIDE in EVERY opportunity to try and make me look bad… Obviously, she doesn’t want my success to come @ her expense. No matter because my eye is STILL on the prize and she will NOT deter me. No man is an island but this B!TCH surely thinks that she is because her focus is HER and HER alone. I guess it REAL lonely @ the top and she likes it that way, but why shit on me AND tries to take advantage of me @ EVERY turn? I mean damn she and she ALONE controls the books, she and she ALONE know what the company has…she and she ALONE is responsible for the financial health of the company…I am but a mere squirrel just trying to get a nut and I would bet the farm that sooner rather than later this company will feel the ripple effect of her ways. So she can give me all the impossible task and try to take advantage of me, I know why I am in this world and she cannot alter OR change my path in any shape OR form. I am the key to my wealth and what I can contribute for company supersedes what I am doing @ this one. The company that I will give my all to is the kind of company that listens to ideas and treat their employees as a great human beings…UNTIL SUCH TIME I WILL WORK @ THIS COMPANY AS LONG AS THE UNIVERSE ALLOWS…TALK ABOUT AN HONEST DAY’S WORK…BEING A PROFESSIONAL ANAL SEX PRACTITIONER IS LOOKING REAL GOOD RIGHT ABOUT NOW


  1. Oh, I'm the first to comment on this one! Unfortunately, the world is filled with people who are content with attempting to make others miserable. I remember when I had a work study in undergrad. The student worker supervisor was a FOX before she had a kid. I think I might have rubbed her the wrong way when, on first meeting her, I looked at her wedding picture and said something to the effect of "Are you sure this is you?" Once someone accused her of stealing federal funds (which she did by forging signatures on timesheets for students who were in her "inner circle"), she went straight crazy. She got mad a me one day for something trivial and threated to fire me. I swear I have never been soo tempted to hit a person. Instead, I went to the bathroom and cried. Before the spring semester ended, I had found another position and gladly turned in my resignation. Of course she acted like she didn't care. However, when I got a little scholarship and was the talk of the office, she tried to kiss up to me. Silly chick. Don't worry about your boss. She'll get hers without you ever having to raise a finger.

  2. Maybe she's stealing from the company [she doesn't want you to know]

  3. Lmao. I like this post bro. U stated that the BITCH is back but you won't let her deter you from your goals. Keep at it bro. U got my support.

  4. LMAO @ Professional Anal Sex Practitioner! I love it!




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