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Sunday, 14 December 2008


Though the chaos going on in the world today is NOTHING new, things seem to be constantly spiraling out of control. And it is my belief that life is NO longer speaking to us in soft whispers BUT in bold declarations instead. As we gaze upon life in awe sometimes, how could we NOT be spinning around AND around? But my question to you is, DO WE ON SOME LEVEL ADORE LIFE THE WAY IT IS? DO WE IDOLIZE IT? DO WE EVEN COURT IT? There is NO doubt that ALL our senses are seduced by life itself, but I can’t help but wonder what our collective gut is telling us? Life teases us in one instance through the light of a child and then turns that light dark when some unforeseen negative element takes place. This element that is destroying us lives among the poor, as well as the rich, and appears in the faces of the young and the old. It is @ in ALL cities of the world, decorating skylines as well as landscapes. This element is THE ultimate shape shifter, that simple meal beloved by one person and an awesome testament of fine cuisine revered by another. This element knows NO bounds, and it is growing second by second. SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? LIFE IS CRUEL & OUR PURSUIT OF IT IS MOSTLY IN VAIN BECAUSE WE REACT RATHER THAN ANTICIPATE THE STRANGELY-FAMILIAR THINGS THAT TAKE PLACE. WE PRETEND AS IF WE HAVE NO IDEA THAT THIS OR THAT COULD HAPPEN WHEN WE FULLY KNOW BETTER. I AM GONNA KEEP ASKING WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET IT BECAUSE EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE WAITING FOR WAITING ON THEIR FELLOW MAN TO GET THINGS WHEN ALL WE NEED OURSELVES TO MAKE THINGS BETTER. AND THIS HOPELESSNESS THAT WE FEED OURSELVES ON A DAILY BASES IS ONLY GOING TO KEEP US TRAPPED & PIGEON HOLD AS LIFE SLOWLY PICKS US OFF ONE BY ONE…WHAT DOES YOUR GUT SAY NOW?


  1. hmmmmm.... very interest blog post.


    I don't think we adore life as it is, but it's all we know. Do we pretend as if we have no idea that this or that can happen? I don't know if it's so much us pretending. On some levels it could simply be denial, or the hope and belief that things can and will change.

    We (humans) are funny. If do the same exac thing, taking the same exact steps, we at times hope for a different outcome. We all need to make changes in our lives. We all have areas that could use a cleaning.

  3. Your more optimistic than me, I expect the worse out of my fellow man, and have seen to many things to believe that people think life is worth anything.

  4. I agree with clnmike to a certain extent... honestly, my life has been very limited. I don't get the opportunity to experience much of anything and so for me life is just living. I'm here with an unknown purpose, and I'm constantly stumbling around until I somehow, spontaneously fall in line with that purpose. The way I see it, you can have plans, dreams, and goals all day, but if it doesn't fall in line with that one purpose (and only God knows), it WON'T happen no matter how much we hope for it.

  5. teach it pastor

  6. ummm, I meant preach it Pastor Kishna.....Oh, and Im loving that name, so close to Kinshar (muah)

  7. And yes you should be asking questions.

    But would you agree if I said these are the days when people will hear but not understand? The world has changed so much and we have changed it.

    I think our attitudes are hardening as more and more, we pursue things that are to some degree not beneficial.

    Yes Kishna, those who have been enlightened should make the effort to conscientise and enlighten those who either cannot see or lack the knowledge to realise what is going on.

  8. Well seems like your gut says life is out to get us...
    I agree that we like chaos in our lives - we like to hear about it in other people's lives as well. For some people it helps them appreciate life more - the happy it isn't me syndrome. But to what we can do we have to know that most of the chaos is 'caused but us humans in some way and we have the ability to change that.

  9. I think it deserves a bit of radicalism on the part of the enlightened

  10. I think complacency,denial and indifference and maintaining the status quo are like cancers which we allow to consume and eat away at our lives.
    There are so many of us who are not living the life that we want and desire but for some reason we lack the willpower or simply lack the motivation to change it. You are just existing and not truly living. This being our modus operandi, we ignore warning signs and messages that the Universe sends to us and our intuition. It is so apparent as we see injustices occur and turn a blind eye and simply ignore everything that is wrong with our world. So as the world continues to spin out of control we sit idly by in our indifference and complacence.




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