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Monday, 15 December 2008


this is for those have...

Between the conscious and the unconscious

Unconsciously conscious

You wonder to and fro

Trying figure out what there is to know

In search of the illusive show

But then again what do I know…

About the hidden abyss?

Certainly you won’t find any bliss

Because it is hidden between your lips and a kiss

And your love is that song

Without hope of being heard

Now you are disturbed

Because love is NOT what you have

And you search the four corners of your mind

Seeking the memories that are hiding in plain sight

As you go on a merry-go-round

Feeling all tied N’ bound

As you love the memory of a memory

Sorry tis’ your story

There ain't no glory

In loving a love that isn’t there…

Have you ever?

© tgk


  1. Crying for what was, once upon a time. Finding it hard to move forward, to let go. Trapped in a memory of what used to be. Waiting and hoping.. Searching for what will never be yours.

    'Loving the memory of a memory. Loving a love that isn't there...'
    WOW. To be locked in by such pain!

  2. At this point it would be best to lock yourself indoors, cry your eyes out and allow yourself to feel all that pain, all the while listening to Leona Lewis' 'Better in time':

    It's been the longest winter without you
    I didn't know where to turn to
    See somehow I can't forget you
    After all that we've been through

    Thought I coudn't live without you
    It's gonna hurt when it heals too
    It'll all get better in time
    Even though I really love you
    I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
    It'll all get better in time

  3. I forgot to add:

    Since there's no more you and me
    It's time I let you go
    So I can be free
    And live my life how it should be
    No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
    Yes I will

    Definitely appropriate.

  4. All of this I have felt and more.

  5. yes!
    thankfully not all @ the same time
    maybe some of it now...

  6. hmmmm, loving a love that isnt there....shit I gotta go post!!

    Im so stealing that!!!

  7. Very deep,profound and very real. This poem speaks volumes and gives a voice to so many people for one reason or the other are hung up on a past love or a past relationship or even for those who somehow were in love with someone but it was not reciprocal.
    There comes a time when in the interest of self preservation and to live your best life that you need to free yourself of the past and of these feelings.Though this maybe challenging,it is necessary, so GO AHEAD AND FREE YOURSELF!!!!!




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