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Friday, 17 October 2008


There are a number of GAY men who are doing everyday things going everywhere, but the world act as if they don’t exist. We live in a world where EVERYONE is DIFFERENT, yet if a GAY man is NOT an activist OR openly gay he is thought of as an anomaly OR a glitch in the PERCEIVED GAY FORMULA. BUT IS THIS THE CASE? Not every GAY man has to let the world know that he is into men NOR does he have to hide who he is. I get that in order for us to get some sort of understanding about who OR what the gay man is, there has to be an idea of who he is. Hence the problem because the “PERCEPTION” is that ALL gay men are effeminate AND unmanly. But is it rational OR fair to put restrictions on a GAY man’s manhood because society feels that there are certain lines men shouldn’t cross? How can one put the notion out there that is OKAY to be GAY as long your manhood isn’t in question? Something like this affects the GAY man’s ability to express himself freely without fear of being referred to in derogatory terms. And why shouldn’t he? An effeminate man is considered as someone that lacks courage AND strength which are the things that is said that a man needs. So I ask again, IS THE GAY PERCEPTION REAL? I SAY NO! I say this because there are MANY GAY men hiding in plain sight that does fit perceived mold. I guess that is all fine AND dandy because would a masculine “PERCEPTION” have a POSITIVE impact on the gay community? I say that masculinity AND femininity are real they're just shorthand for features we pick out with language. Hence NO one's sexual orientation OR identification is a stake. The only thing @ stake is some “IDEALIZATION” about characteristics picked out by language which are NOTHING more than linguistic markers. So how about some clarity? A man is a man NO matter how what one may see OR feel he is about. The “PERCEPTION” is how some GAY men exaggerate a performance of one gender and apply it to the other. The thing is that this atypical feature shouldn’t be seen as something typical because it is NO way shape OR form close to what being GAY is all about. I mean what significance can come from a man expressing himself in a typical feminine fashion? There is NOTHING typical about being gay. We're homosexuals, because that word says that we are attracted to the same sex. So in trying to DISSOCIATE sexual identity from gender identity is a tricky and an unfruitful task. They both depend on each other and are parallel…SO WHEN IT COMES TO THE GAY “PERCEPTION” IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US NOT BE NAÏVE ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE LABELS THAT IS APPLIED TO HOMOSEXUALS. MOREOVER, WE DO OURSELVES HARM BY TRYING TO IGNORE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS & DOING THIS IS LIKE TRYING TO IGNORE GRAVITY. THE “PERCEPTION” IS WAY OFF THE MARK BECAUSE GAY MEN & WOMEN ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL, DEEP & ABIDING EMOTIONS ROOTED IN SHAME N’ FEAR ALL BECAUSE OF THE NOTIONS WHAT THEY THINK WE ARE. I DON’T KNOW HOW SOCIETY EXPECTS TO UNDERSTAND US IF THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES…MAKES ONE WONDER IF THE “STRAIGHT” PERCEPTION IS REAL BECAUSE THEY WORK SO HARD TO ENSURE THAT WE DON’T GO AROUND MASQUERADING LIKE THEM…


  1. So, I'm taking it someone had a problem with you being gay? Where did this come from?

  2. To answer Darius T. Williams question...this was just one of the many questions that I had in my head that I decided to post...that's all...this isn't personal

  3. Wanted to post on both of your topics, this one and "Why is gay a dirty word."

    It is the association "straight" people put on being gay. In this ever changing world of sexuality that mold is tired. Not every homosexual like Beyaonce, fashion, Wiil & Grace etc. It is hard for people to grasp male on male love partly because the GAY scene is portyed as sex based and lustful and nothing more than that.

    I will stop there not sure if I am making any sense but good post. LOL

  4. All gay men need to do is continue living their lives to the fullest. Don't return the ignorance that others project on to you. When you interlize ignorance and hatred, you give it power. Do YOU, boo. Forget those haters!

  5. I really needed to read this. I have so many personal issues that I don't have anyone to talk to me about, so many feelings that preside with no words to describe. Perhaps I am obsessed with the thought of love in my life, but I see it may be that, but it may also be the simple fact that I might be oblivious to who is and who isn't gay. Wait... now I am even more confused. (sigh...)

    But it was a good topic. Where as many things still remain unbearably difficult for me to come to accurate conclusions about, other things... were really expressed wonderfully. Thank you.

  6. Gay people like any people are a multitude of different people, generalizations never work.




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