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Sunday, 26 October 2008


Noel has asked me on a few occasions, HOW HAS MY LIFE CHANGED IN THE PAST YEAR? I would always give him an answer, but the answer didn’t come from my heart until now…I was watching Oprah the other day and she had a guest that was talking about standing on the shoulders of others to get where you ought to be and I realized that I now incorporate this notion in my life but that wasn’t always the case. For a LONG time I’ve been the GO-TO-GUY, the one that EVERYONE could count on to be there for them. And this was causing me MORE problems than I needed in my life. I realized that I was NOT taking care of myself and put ME first. Hence I made some CHANGES and did NOT allow this seed to grown into WEEDS OF CHAOS & DESTRUCTION. I am that person that has a UNIQUE perspective on life and the past year showed me that I was waiting on PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS to change in order for me progress AND grow. Now I realized that if I wanted change I had to change. I had to REMOVE myself from the dysfunctional situations that invaded my PERSONAL space because of others. And today I can say that I have developed character because of the challenges that I faced. I realized that the lesson IS the journey AND it is up to me realize that I need to open my mind and take it all in or else it’ll destroy me. OVER THE PAST YEAR, I’VE EVOLVED INTO AN INCREDIBLE & FASCINATING HUMAN BEING & THAT’S ALL BECAUSE I CHOSE TO WEED OUT THE CHAOS & PUT MY ENERGY WHERE IT IS NEEDED MOST. SO WHETHER IT IS YOUR LOVER, FAMILY OR FRIEND, YOU CANNOT DO A SINGLE THING IF THEY COME TO YOU MESSED UP & CONFUSED. IT IS MY OPINION THAT WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER, BUT HOW MANY OF US REALLY NEED EACH OTHER?


  1. I can relate to this post in so many ways. Like u, I have been the go-to person that my friends have gone to. And I have taken their problems as my own...which did not help me deal with the things already goin on in my life...the trick is being able to recognize the things that are destructive to u and being ready and able to do somethin about them....good post

  2. My god, Gayte-keeper! This is madness! I feel like recently you have been speaking directly to me!? I can't believe this.

  3. I'm so confused... not because of your post, but because nothing in my life seems to make any sense. Here you put it so clear, but in my life, it doesn't add up. Maybe I need more time or a stronger anti-depressant. My life sucks.

  4. I think we have been led to believe that if we put ourselves first that is somehow being selfish which denotes something negative.Nothing could be further from the truth. We all need to take to ensure we take care of us before we attempt to take care of others. By no means am I suggesting that we desist from assisting our brothas and sisters but If you have not taken care of you,what would you have to give them?
    I have seen that you seen you be the glue that held your group of friends together and that everybody depended on you.If u weren't leading the charge nothing got done and I saw the toll it had on you so I am HAPPY that you have decided to take care of you first before you take on other ppl's stuff.




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