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Wednesday, 08 October 2008


He came upon it
 Searching for sex He doesn’t care about his life
As long as he gets it
So wrong of him
Why belonged with meaningless sex?
Sex must be enjoy with someone he care
Trust his loving heart
He lusted after other men
It gets him all sorts of problems
Now he is HIV positive
Things has changed but NOT for the better
He’s waiting for his salvation
The bait is a nice thick dick
Said he didn’t do UNSAFE sex
He was done taking chances of re-infection
Now he dances with dangerous sex
I hope he isn’t that stupid
If not, welcome to the same path
That SO many took…

This blog entry is about a friend of mine who is HIV+; and he represents what I consider to be THE problem with this disease. It seems that he and SO many other gay men out there has this thing that makes them APATHETIC about HIV. He is the THERE’S NOTHING SWEETER THAN BEING F&CKED BY A BREEDER…ESPECIALLY WHEN HE ASKS kind of gay man. YOU KNOW THE KIND OF MAN THAT HAD SO MUCH THAT HE CANNOT REMEMBER WHO IT WAS WITH UNTIL HE SEES THEM ON THE STREETS SOMEWHERE? THAT’S HIM! Now I am all supportive of him and what he is going through but he is now doing something that I consider to be wrong. Apparently he is messing around this guy from an old job of his and I am SURE he did NOT tell him about his status. I’ve never met him NOR do I want to, however I have thought about calling him up and just tell him to ask my friend about his HIV status and tell him that he should get tested. I know if I did that I would pretty much be signing his death warrant, but isn’t he doing the same to him? I get that HIV isn’t as bad as it was 25 years ago and it is treated like a long-term illness now, but I don’t feel that he has the right to bring something like this to someone without their knowledge. I sometimes think that I am living in this parallel universe OR that I am in some sort of hidden camera show where I am being played. YES, THAT’S IT…RIGHT? I mean how could he spread his legs for someone and NOT think that HIV is an issue? I guess something is WRONG with me because I can’t be apart of this lifestyle and NOT say OR do something. I mean HIV/AIDS is over 25 years old and I feel that we should be asking ourselves what we can do to help prevent the further spread of this disease instead of actually spreading it. HIV like any other social disease carries with it certain stigma. This stigma comes from fear, ignorance about the disease, other people's views (mostly biased), AND religious damnation…& MEN SUCH AS HIM DON’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER! I FEEL THAT IT IS TIME THAT PERSONS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR STATUS & NOT BRING OTHERS IN ON THIS DISEASE…I CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER IF I AM JUST AS BAD AS HE IS BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM, YET I DO NOTHING TO  WARN THE CURRENT D!CK THAT HE HAS IN HIS BED?


  1. This is just so wrong. If he's doing what you think he's doing, he has NO RIGHT to endanger the life of someone else.
    I don't understand the need some people have to sleep around, I just don't. Is the pleasure you get worth the pain and hardship you will experiencelater? Is that worth it? What a waste of life!
    And as for the other guy, I guess the right thing would be to warn him of the potential danger. It might not be easy and perhaps it would seem like an intrusion into someone else's private life, but if your conscience is bothering you about it then you must do the right thing.

  2. I can understand your frustration with this situation. And i cant speak for your friend. As for me, with having HIV. I do try for the most part to tell people about my status before sex. Give them the option on if they want to get involved. thats my personal choice..but i do understand why some people dont. i dont condone this..but its hard to be rejected all the time. If you know how to be safe and keep ur partners safe, i cant say that i feel that u need to always let someone know ur status. but if u just having all this sex and you dont have any intention on keeping ur partners safe. A person is dead wrong. lets face it...some people will never tell. Some people will never ask. So just treat everyone like they have it...but they doesnt mean that u cant enjoy sex.

  3. It's a hard decision to make when wanting to warn someone about anything. There are always ramifications that I'm sure you have thought about. People should disclose if they are HIV+. I understand how rejection hurts. A lot more than one person could be hurt if one doesn't tell. I'd surely want someone to tell me. Let me make the decesion on how I want to proceed. It's my life.

  4. While I understand your predicament and situation I really think that has to be his decision to make.I think we as adults today should be making responsible decisions with regards to their sexual conduct and behavior.

    Everyone we have sex with should be assumed positive until we have knowledge and evidence to the contrary. How many people we come in contact with on a daily basis who aren't even aware of their status. I am not for endangering the lives of others but at the same time it is our responsibility to engage in safe sexual practices and to protect our health at all costs.Would we advocate for HIV persons to wear some sign or be branded so society at large would know who we are? I'm sure we won't.
    Be responsible for your own health and your actions.

  5. You need to tell the guy that your friend is positive. Reason? Because you don't know whether the guy asked your friend and whether your friend was honest with his answer, regardless of what he may have said to you. By telling his sexual partner, two things will happen:

    1. it will wake up the partner to his risky behavior and hopefully he will make it his business to begin screening his future jump-offs

    2. after your friend gets his ass beaten, maybe he will see how important full disclosure is and stop being a fucking reckless cow.




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