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Monday, 13 October 2008



The other day there was something on the news that caught my attention; there was this report about girls that are barely in their teens exploring their sexuality. Now I thought this was interesting ESPECIALLY since I learn about a new term in the sexuality dictionary called HETEROFLEXIABLE. This simply means that a STRAIGHT individual who is has/or is not opposed to having sexual relations with the same sex. This type of sexual behavior is PREDOMINANTLY found in straight females who enjoy making out with other females. BUT IS THIS REALLY NEW…MORE IMPORTANTLY WHO IS THE BLAME? It is believed that the female’s sexual behavior is more influenced by cultural, situational AND even educational factors. So given that today there is more visibility of same-sex behavior, its likely there is an increase in young women experimenting with same sex behavior and talking openly about their experiments. It has certainly always been true that teen girls are quick to pick up on the latest fads. Yet it seems that NO one give one ounce of concern about young girls today following Miley Cyrus as long as she doesn’t sing about sexuality which is a NORMAL thing @ that stage of anyone’s life. I applauded Katy for singing this song; moreover I LOVE the fact that it is a HUGE hit. This shows us that there is NOTHING unhealthy about a female exploring HER femininity. ISN’T IT INTERESTING HOW ANY OTHER LABEL OTHER THAN HETEROSEXUAL DISTRESSES THE MASSES? Labels are such a BIG thing in our culture and before a child is born, everyone wants to know if it's going to be a boy or girl ASSUMING that their sexuality will be what the world says it should. But life works in a way that what we think should happen doesn’t always go according to that ideology. So the CONSTANT worrying about a person’s sexual orientation is an exercise in futility. Monitoring OR noticing signs of GAYNESS should just be seen as a NORMAL part of finding out about the sexual-self. Puberty is already a time of turbulence. Traditionally, we've tried to get a handle on human sexuality by trying to fit everything into just a few simple categories, but it will NEVER be that simple. Katy Perry’s song just shows us that we NEED to rediscover the TRUE human development. I GET THAT THIS IS SCARY, BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE THINK OF THEIR KIDS AS HETEROSEXUAL; & ANY DIVERGENCE IS DAUNTING, EVEN FOR THE MOST LIBERAL OF US. BUT MORE & MORE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS, BECAUSE THE VARIOUS TYPE OF SEXUALITY IS WAY TOO IMPORTANT TO BE CAST ASIDE & OVER LOOKED BY THE HETERO WORLD.

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  1. WOW! Very well put TGK! Umm . . who's big idea was it to invent yet another word to describe something other than heterosexual? HeteroFELXIABLE?? Are you kidding me. Geez! We humans really need to get it together, you think?




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