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Wednesday, 02 August 2006


...I know that I have waited a year for you, I know that you don't want me...So why is your soul sad? You tell me that you don't feel that I waited for you, you feel that if I did you would have known but I am sorry it was SO OBVIOUS! ...The boys that I fucked meant nothing to me and you knew it, you loved it, you reveled in the fact that I loved you still despite myself. You even told me that you love what we have, the freedom, the detachments...the fact that there are no expectations on either part. We both shared our bed with the boys that I brought home, you watched me fucked them, watched as I got my dick suck...guess it was the freak in you? ...Now baby it's to late, someone else is in your place; I wanted you to love me but you made me wait and now I cry for you, my soul feels your pain...my soul knows your pain. What can I do? What can I say? I know that LOVE came to me again and I won't let him slip away, he is so strong, so brave...so the MAN that I would love to raise children with...You can't even share our bed with him, you can sense the LOVE, the CONNECTION that I have with him. I will never forget the first night you saw us together, I wasn't afraid, I was happy that I have found someone that I can show to you and not worry about my hurting you, my bringing you pain......I know it's hard to deal with the fact that someone that you love is loving someone else, that this person will be my all and all...the MAN that I could love above all else. I am sorry you can't love me in this life time, I guess in a next life we will get it right?

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