¡We can no longer be a bunch of empty minds living in critical times refusing to recognize real lies!

Sunday, 28 September 2008


ARE YOU LIVING A REFLECTION OF YOUR CORE TRUTH? ARE YOU FULLY ALIGNED WITH WHO YOU ARE? DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE BUT THERE IS AN ELEMENT BLOCKING YOU? If your answer is NO, NO and YES then I say you must deal with your INNER-DEMONS. Most of the demons that we constantly battle with feed on OUR addictions. These addictions take many forms and so many of us have an UNHEALTHY relationship with them. It seems that when we try to FREE ourselves, something seems to push us further AND further into the abyss; and when this happens we somehow feel that this is life and this is what it is all about. But if one were to interject a counterintuitive, they would realize that we should get the best that life has to offer AND instinctively gravitate toward that. However, being creatures of habit and EASY targets for the elements that invade our lives; we gravitate towards PEOPLE, PLACES and certain PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR that do us NO good. Many of the addictions we form are NOT conscious AND are based instead on learned behavior. Therefore if one is about break his/her addiction, they would have to kick their demons to the curb AND see life in a new light. I know this is difficult, but if we have compassion for ourselves as we work this process we can get there. It is helpful to remember is that in time we can establish NEW, HEALTHIER PATTERNS and a YEARNING for the old ones to disappear. Eventually, we will instinctively reach for things that are good for us, and the longing for positive change will form the basis of a new habit. In the mean time we need to understand that the ONLY way to get to this new place is to endure a time of difficulty, which is a challenge we can confidently handle, if we remember that it will lead to the change we seek in our lives. Our bodies, hearts, and minds always need time to adjust to a new way of doing things, but they will adapt, and even become our allies, if we remain true to our vision of a new way. IT IS ALL ABOUT BEING TRUE TO YOU & NOT LIVING FOR SOMEONE/SOMETHING ELSE. THOUGH YOUR DEMONS MAY NOT BE LIKE THOSE YOU SEE IN THE MOVIES, THEY MAY AS WELL BE BECAUSE HAVING A LIFE THAT IS NOT HAPPY OR PRODUCTIVE MEANS YOU ARE NOT LIVING UP TO YOUR POTENTIAL. SO BEFORE WE CHOOSE TO TAKE ON LIFE’S ELEMENTS, HOW ABOUT WE MAKE SURE THAT WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH SELF-LOVE, SELF-CARE & THAT WE ARE LIVING OUR TRUTH? WE NEED TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES SO THAT OUR ACATIONS WON’T BETRAY US. AFTER ALL LIFE IS ALL ABOUT LIVING ACCORDING YOUR OWN SET OF HEALTHY RULES & STANDARDS…¿WHAT ARE YOUR INNER-DEMONS & WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THEM?




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