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Monday, 29 September 2008


As many of you may not know, I was planning on getting married in less than month (October 25, 2008 to be precise), but due to situations beyond our control we decided to put it on hold. This day I have foreseen for as long as I can remember and it saddens me that it won’t happen. But as the wedding officiant said, IT IS NOT MARRIAGE WHICH MAKES A RELATIONSHIP STRONG; BUT THE STRENGTH OF THE RELATIONSHIP WHICH MAKES IT A MARRIAGE. Reading those words made me feel okay about things not happening as planned. However reading some other words did NOT! I was sitting down @ my pc trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about today. Not too long after I had this thought a friend of mine hit me up asking how I was doing and how my hubby was? Of course I said that we are fine and it is was @ this time that I told him that wedding was on hold. He expressed his sympathy but also added that maybe it is for the best because he felt that it was TOO soon for us to be talking about getting married. So imagine what my thoughts were when he said that. Nonetheless, I kept my cool because I refuse to allow him OR anyone to make my relationship a threesome. But I would be telling a lie if I say that I didn’t find it VERY interesting AND hilariously funny that this man like SO many other gay men have the nerve to tell others how to go about their relationships, ESPECIALLY if they don’t have a stable one of their own. I mean this guy’s idea of a committed relationship is putting his ass up in the air for some dick while he hope N’ pray that this is the one for him…Now I don’t know about you, but when it comes to relationships I take mine VERY seriously and I do NOT leave LOVE to chance. However I can’t help but feel sorry him and the many others that are just like him. It kills me to know that these men CRAVE LOVE and would rather that I be as they are. Nonetheless, in these trying times, I find that we cannot afford to live as if live doesn’t mean a thing AND that whatever man comes our way is just for the time being. Too many of us are all about the supplementary AND NOT the complimentary; and it is KILLING us. @ THE END OF THE DAY, THIS IS MY LIFE & I AM GOING TO LIVE IT THE WAY MY HEART N’ SOUL DICTATES. MOREOVER, I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT LOVE IS GREAT & SHARING THAT WITH JUST ONE MAN IS PERFECT FOR ME. I GUESS IN THE REALITY OF THINGS I CAN’T BE THAT HARD ON HIM FOR THINKING THE WAY HE DOES, AFTER ALL NOT BEING THE ONE THAT I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH IS A DIFFICULT PILL TO SWALLOW…¿HOW SOON IS TOO SOON YOU MAKE ASK? IT ISN’T SOON ENOUGH FOR ME…I CAN’T WAIT TO STAND IN FRONT THAT ALTER & SAY I DO IN FRONT OF GOD, MAN & THE ELEMENTS…THIS MOMENT WON’T BE TOO SOON FOR ME.


  1. Another great post! Congrats on the wedding!

  2. yeah great post buddy... I hope all goes well for u. And I wish I could attend. ;)

  3. Yeah great post! Only you know when the time is right for you. Congrats!

  4. Wow. Powerful and impactful post. I wish you and yours the best, and know that other people should never dictate your relationship or the values you place in it. Let me know when its going down....so I can get my 5lb. bag of rice lol....

  5. Hey sir-I'm proud of you and very happy for you. I know your wedding will be simply beautiful and everything you wanted and more!!! I hope to experience that one day myself. keep up the good work on the blog...Ken

  6. Life for you. As long as u and ur fiance' are on the same page....fuck the rest of these people.

  7. I like how you said you won't allow your relationship to because a three-some.

    When the time is right, and you two decide to jump the broom, I wish you all the luck and success you can stand.

    Best of luck my friend!




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