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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Thanks to HBO’s new AND exciting series TRUE BLOOD, I have learned about another sub-section of the SEXUALITY pool. This sexual orientation is characterized by the potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love, AND/OR sexual desire for people, regardless of their gender identity OR biological sex. The term used to describe persons that identify themselves via this behavior is called PANSEXUALITY. Within this group there is even a potential attraction to persons that don’t fit into the gender binary of male/female. However what I found most interesting about a pansexual is that they are consider themselves to be GENDER-BLIND and that gender AND sex are insignificant OR irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others. I suggest that you view the show when you have a chance because it gives you all of the elements that you want in a series, ROMANACE, SUSPENSE, MYSTERY & HUMOR. This SEXY & SCARY delves into the meticulously-crafted world of humanity with more than glimpse into our sexual psyche.
The Theory of PANSEXUALITY is best understood not in absolute but in relative terms, just as the biological sex and the gender roles. From the observation of human sexual behavior we’ve learned that femaleness AND maleness, femininity AND masculinity, homosexuality AND heterosexuality are a question of degree. Today people talk too easily about hetero-, homo-, and bi-sexuality without realizing the overlapping qualities of the different categories. A very narrow-minded view on human nature cripples a natural view of life, not the natural view as intended by science of the past ... and religions of the past and of today. Today the word NATURE has become regularly used to fight for sexual rights but it is so obvious that there is a great deal we can learn about SEXUALITY. Society has tried to condition EVERY orientation EXCEPT heterosexual…I guess the thought is HOW CAN YOU CHANGE SOMETHING THAT IS CONSIDERED NORMAL? AS I’VE FOUND MY OWN SEXUAL IDENTITY, IT’S BEEN A PATH OF DISCOVERY and SELF TRUTH; LOVE IS EVERYWHERE & CAN BE FOUND IN EVERYONE, NO MATTER THEIR GENDER OR PERSUASION. I FEEL THAT PANSEXUALITY FURTHER DEMONSTRATES THIS NOTION & THEORY. IF ONE WERE TO LOOK @ HISTORY, THERE WERE THE 60’s WHERE THEY HAD FREE LOVE, THE 70’s THEY HAD SWINGERS, IN THE 80’s EVERYONE BUTTONED UP BECAUSE OF HIV/AIDS…THEN THE 90's BECAME ALL ABOUT BLAME & CONDOMS, WHICH ULTIMATELY LEADS US TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY; TODAY IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE THERE ARE PERSONS OUT THERE THAT ARE NOT AFRAID OF SEX. MORE OR LESS, PEOPLE ARE COMING OUT AS THEIR MOST TRUE SELVES. GAY, BI, HETERO, GENDERQUEER, TRANSGENDER & TRANSEXUAL INDIVIDUALS FORCES THE MASSES TO ACCEPT THEIR ORIENTATION BECAUSE OF PANSEXUALITY. I FIND IT INTERESTING HOW WE TRY SO HARD TO FORGET TWO GOLDEN RULES: TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED & ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUALITY. NONETHELESS, FOR MY LIFE & MY CONTRIBUTION, I HAVE ONLY LOVE FOR EVERYONE & ANYONE…

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