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Tuesday, 30 September 2008


As far back as I can remember I have been intrigued by the concept of SOUL-MATES. As I thought about it more and more, I realized that the world @ large had this notion that SOUL-MATES can ONLY be a male and female. Of course this did NOT sit well me because it does NOT include those of us that are a matched pair. Hence my question ¿SAME-SEX SOUL-MATES? To answer this question, let us first understand what SOUL-MATES are, for there are several different definitions of the term. According to the American psychic and prophet, Edgar Cayce, who first spoke about SOUL-MATES in the 1930’s while in deep trance, SOUL-MATES are two souls who, after a series of lifetimes together, become so close to each other that their destinies become intertwined. They help each other evolve to a higher level of soul evolution, until they reach perfection and union with God. From the above definition we can glean that SOUL-MATES are perfect partners who help each other attain a higher level of spiritual development which could not otherwise be achieved by being with another person. The main purpose therefore of a SOUL-MATES encounter is mutual help towards perfection, or union with God. Therefore, I feel that it is INFINITELY possible that a SAME-SEX couple could be each other’s SOUL-MATES. Though we seldom meet our SOUL-MATE, I still feel that it is possible. I am a believer that those that we keep company exist with us in more than one lifetime; and I feel that we get to live OUR lives in each aspect imaginable. Hence we need to UNDERSTAND that it takes many lifetimes of existence on this earth to develop such closeness with another human being. I feel this happens because we still have to work out our karma with other people and our SOUL-MATES also have to work out his OR her karma with other individuals. When they are done with such obligations or have paid off their karmic debts with others, you will definitely meet each other. It is @ that time onwards I believe that they will be together. So the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE relationships that come your way and does NOT tug @ your soul should be seen as SOUL-MATES IN THE MAKING. They are merely souls that are evolving to be with their ONE TRUE MATE. Therefore, I say do NOT loose heart because you meet men OR women that are NOT worthy of who you are, rather help them help you get to your SOUL-MATE. IT IS SAID THAT LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND & THAT IT IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO A PERSON. IT IS ALSO SAID THAT EVERYONE HAS A SOUL-MATE & WITH THIS PERSON YOU CAN FIND THE ULTIMATE TRUE LOVE YOU DESIRE. I KNOW THAT MANY OF GAY & STRAIGHT ALIKE WOULD SAY THAT HOMOSEXUALS CANNOT FIND SUCH A PERSON IN EACH OTHER, BUT I BEG TO DIFFER! WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF IN A REAL COMMITTED SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SEXUAL & ROMANTIC, HOW COULD THIS PERSON NOT BE YOUR SOUL-MATE? SEX ORGANS DO NOT DICTATE FATE & DESTINY, IN FACT DESTINY HAS IT OWN SET OF RULES & US NOT BEING ABLE TO PREDICT OR CONTROL IT SHOWS THAT THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE WORLD & OURSELVES. THINK OF HOW LUCKY YOU ARE WHEN YOU FIND THE ONE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE WITH NO MATTER HIS/HER GENDER…


  1. I love this concept...im still on some level hoping that I truly do have a soul-mate and that we can find eachother. but on the flip side with all the misconceptions i have faced with people a part of me isnt totally sure that i ever will see my other half

  2. Wonderfully inspiring. I very much so believe that two people of the same sex can be soul mates. Mainly because its more of a spiritual connection than a simple romantic one.

  3. I for one always believed that there is a soulmate for me, as far back as I can remember, as well. And I'm still keeping hope alive at the very very tender age of 18. I say that bcuz, my ex-friend, didn't believe in soulmates. His belief was have all the sex, with different dudes, when you are young and get burned out and settle for any dude, when you get older. And I on the otherhand believe in getting to know the person and waiting until u know for sure that u love each other to give up the goods. I always dreamed of saving myself for my soulmate. Can't save myself anymore cuz im not a virgin, but i am still keep hope alive and I KNOW I have a soulmate out there, JUST FOR ME!

    Great Post!

  4. Wow this was deep. Great Post. Since we are talking about Soulmates, check out this song by Nastasha Bedingfield called "Soulmate".... the lyrics to this song used to have me asking the same ?'s she asked in the song. Look it up and listen to it. Again great post. Loved it!

  5. deonte k said Wow this was deep. Great Post. Since we are talking about Soulmates, check out this song by Nastasha Bedingfield called "Soulmate".... the lyrics to this song used to have me asking the same ?'s she asked in the song. Look it up and listen to it. Again great post. Loved it! I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT I'VE HEARD THE SONG & I AGREE THAT IT IS A VERY NICE SONG...VERY SWEET SONG...

  6. I believe I believe I believe.
    I believe I have met him.
    I think soul mates are not as complicated as we are led to believe.

    Let down your guard and trust the other partner is too.

    Observe how they treat themself - that is key.





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