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Sunday, 24 August 2008


The other day I was telling a friend about a dream I had some years back about judgment day when I was boy. In this dream God was in this chariot with white horses and reading from this scroll. His voice was VERY commanding AND firm yet there was something fearful about him. I guess it was TOO late to hide OR try to turn your life around; but as I grew up I couldn’t help but to wonder ¿WHO IS GOD? As far as my personal views, I was raised Catholic home where going to church EVERY Sunday wasn't an option. In church I was told God cared about me and my actions affected God and his mood towards me. Imagine how I felt when I realized that I was THE thing God hated most? Suffice to say I DON’T BELIEVE THAT GOD IS WHAT WE SAY OR BELIEVE ABOUT HIM; I don’t think that God is a man with a white beard overlooking our doings from the clouds. That creation of God is the concept of religion that is NOT @ all working for us. These folks would have us believe that if you are NOT for God then you are against him…which will lead you into the fiery pits of hell. Now I don’t believe this is case, but I do believe that God would not create each and every one of us without some way of letting us know who he is…RIGHT? I think that knowing who God is accepting everything that he has created on this planet. I feel that seeking WHOLENESS in the deepest sense of the meaning is the only way we can TRULY know who God is; and placing the identification of who he is in the religious realm is a slap in his face. The fact that most of the world uses an ancient manual to figure him out shows that we have limit our thinking N’ beliefs for it is TOO vague and who needs that? SO I SAY TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT WHO GOD IS IN YOUR WAY, FORGET WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD & BELIEVE. IF YOU WERE TO FOLLOW YOUR TRUE PATH, YOU FIND THE AUTHENTIC POWER & THE REASSURANCE IN YOUR HEART THAT I HAVE WHEN IT COMES TO GOD. SO IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO GOD IS, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT ONE MUST BELIEVE IN THE UNBELIEVABLE PURPOSE OF A BEING WHO IS SO POWERFUL THAT WE ARE GODS OURSELVES…


  1. Let me say this God is constantly watching over us 24/7 and our actions and attitude towards God will determine where we will spend eternity...As much as ppl don’t like 2 believe it, it is true whether u believe it or not...There is life after death, but only for those who have pure hearts and clean hands for the bible says he is coming 4 ppl without spots and wrinkles. And believe u me...read Matthew 24 u will see he is coming soon God said choose ye this day...life or death. God is not going to force himself on us...but based on the way we live is our lives…holiness will result in life...uncleanliness is death...I’ve been battling with my sexuality for a long time and I’m trying so hard 2 change because I fear God and I know its an abomination he destroyed a whole nation cause of it so that’s my 2 cents we still friends but believe you me...the holy bible is the true book. How do we know...cause everything it foretells is coming 2 pass...b4 Jesus came it was just the old testament and back then b4 he came in the old testament it foretold that a savior will come and his name will be Jesus and he will die for our sins and this was foretold hundreds and hundreds of years b4 Jesus came so the bible is truth…Tori

  2. I'm like you. Catholicism destroyed it for me. Now I'm just more-or-less spiritual, I believe in God in general, and try to be kind to others.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. It's an age-old argument for me, being a gay christian and a preacher, no less. I absolutely do not believe in the hateful God that some claim exist. There is no way He would have created me for the sole purpose of hating me and sticking me on a planet where His followers hate me even more. I totally believe in Nature over Nurture; I can't recall any time, growing up, when I DIDN'T have a boy crush.


    1. As a preacher, how do you not give a sermon on the evils of homosexuality? Don't the congregation expect it?




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