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Sunday, 31 August 2008


AIN’T HUMANITY INTERESTING? We have the features AND the body parts that says we are HUMAN; yet some how we have fallen short in matching up to OUR TRUE POTENTIAL. Is it because we are BORN one way AND our lives turn out to be another? I SAY NO! Yes OUR creation comes from the impartation of another; however I feel that if we give OURSELVES PERMISSION TO JUST BE, things will be more than fine. But as it stands, we are SO lost AND are in need of rescue before the life raft goes over the edge of the waterfall. It AMAZES me how sophisticated AND refine we think we are, but we are NOT! Our race is in trouble because we have lost OUR LOYALTY, STRENGTH & LOVE for each other. These days anything can look like a man OR woman. ANYTHING can creep in us that look, sounds AND have the features of what a human should be like. But in order for us to avoid this flaw, we need to operate from the SOUL and STOP living as if we don’t have THE PERMISSION TO BE…It is crazy we live for this world AND the things that are in it. From having SEX to LYING, STEALING & HURTING each other we leave OUR humanity UNGUARDED. Hence, we do NOT know the meaning of having HUMAN relations with each other. They say that you only get ONE chance @ life and SO many of us are messing it up; and who is @ fault for this? WE ALL ARE…for each and every one of us do NOT live as if we know the value of human life. IT IS EVERY MAN FOR HIM & GOD FOR US ALL, but I wonder if God would truly want any of us for the ways we treat his creation? Nonetheless, we are handing on years AND years of appalling ideologies to the next generation that will completely destroy the world. I wish we lived as if we have THE PERMISSION TO live a life that is NOT tainted with falsehood, lies AND bitterness. But to HELL with my wishful thinking for this cycle of life was here long before me and I am sure it’ll be long after I am gone. This destruction AND pain seems to have a STRONG-HOLD on the world AND we are NOT interested in fighting it off. Instead MOST of us HIDE behind a mask to keep ourselves safe from our humanity. This false sense of self we project in order for us to appear more PERFECT, more POWERFUL & more ACCEPTED does none of us any good. And the world rewards us EXTERNALLY for it while INTERNALLY we die a slow death. We masquerade in a word that tells us that we are NOT enough; yet we try feel bigger, better OR more important when we already are. If only we could ACKNOWLEDGE our wrinkles AND laugh @ our personal eccentricities without buckling under the pressure of an impossible world that does NOT show us the BIGGER picture. ISN’T IT TIME THAT WE INSPIRE OURSELVES, LET DOWN OUR DEFENSES & RELAX BECAUSE FATE OF HUMANITY IS @ STAKE? WE NEED TO GIVE OURSELVES THE PERMISSION TO FEEL FREE & NOT HIDE BEHIND ANY OF THE BARRIERS THAT ARE PRESENT IN THIS WORLD. @ THE END OF THE DAY, WE MUST COME TO TERMS WITH CHANGING WHO WE ARE IN ORDER TO BECOME WHO WE ARE, FOR IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN TAKE THIS WORLD WHERE IT OUGHT TO BE. IT IS MY HOPE THAT THESE WORDS FROM MY SUBCONSCIOUS THAT I PLACE HERE TODAY WILL INFLUENCE & PROVOKE US OUT OF BONDAGE. THE CHAINS THAT HOLD US BACK, ONLY EXIST OUT OF MISUNDERSTANDING, HATRED & COLDNESS & I GIVE YOU PERMISSION WITH A CLEAR HEART N’ MIND TO WALK AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS…I KNOW THE JOURNEY IS LONG, HARD & LONELY; BUT AS IT IS SAID, HE WHO IS ILLUMINATED WITH THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT WILL CAST THE DARKEST SHADOW, SO LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED & IT TIME THAT WE SET OUR SOULS FREE.

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