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Friday, 25 July 2008


Invisible man
Written on the mirror of the mind
The reflections of he
Riding an invisible horse
Into the sun
Because you are too caught up
Living as if you are meant to be alone…
How about evolving and going to the next level?
Rather than complaining
That there are NO good men out there
You know that you cannot get
That which don’t manifest
So why walk through life with a closed mind?
You are just holding yourself back
For you refuse to show up
And engage in creating he that is meant to be
How do you hope be TRULY happy?
Don’t you want to participate in your life?
Don’t you want to achieve that which your soul really wants?
Take this stab @ LOVE,
For it is yours
And not the reflection of someone else’s
There is NOTHING better in the world
Than the feeling of manifesting the man for you
So refuse to remain stagnant
Remove all of the self devised obstacles
That are created in the mind
These mind castles only bring negative energy
And it is time that you
Step into the life that was meant for you
It is time to walk through LOVE with knowledge
And the desire to share our lives with that special man…
So manifest him
© tgk

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