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Sunday, 15 June 2008


A man once asked me what makes me think I am so special that my genes have to be passed on OR left on this planet? I NEVER gave any credence to his question but it did make me think about becoming a father; and as of late that thought has been growing more AND more. I have only heard folks talk about MATERNAL INSTINCTS and how sometimes physically AND emotionally she bonds with a child that may OR may not be her own. For me every time I see a baby OR a toddler I can’t help but to want a child of my own, it has even gotten to the point where I am asking my significant other about when we are going to have kids when we get married. Of course he makes me see that I am getting ahead of myself and we should plan AND prepare ourselves for this LIFE ALTERING EVENT. Nonetheless, until such time I will dream about the sons OR daughters that will honor my life one day. I endeavor to give my children the best a father can give a child, I find it SO amazing that I feel that I can do since I did NOT have a father in my life; I guess this is one instance where I need to be led by another’s example. I will shower my children with LOVE & AFFECTION while being the foundation that is needed in their lives. I feel that I am on my way into turning my home into a castle when I SAY I DO this fall; but having children would turn my castle into a palace. It has been said, THAT WORDS CARRY A LOT WEIGHT, but it is MY belief that it is through action that I can bring things into being. The human imagination is a powerful tool, and we can use it to do so many things. Because of this, I can sit here as a GAY man put this energy out there for me. THERE ARE SO MANY MEN THAT BRING KIDS INTO THIS WORLD & DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. IS THIS HOW IT SUPPOSED TO BE? I THINK NOT! AS I KNOW ONE DAY THAT I WILL BECOME A FATHER, I HOPE THAT ON THIS DAY WE ALL REMIND OURSELVES ON WHAT A FATHER’S PURPOSE IS. I FIND IT SO SAD THAT WE ARE TEACHING OUR YOUNG MEN HOW TO MAKE THE BABIES & NOT BE A FATHER TO THEIR OFFSPRING. WE ARE TOLD TO BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY & BY GOD’S WILL I WILL DO JUST THAT! IT IS ONE OF MY CALLINGS, IT IS ONE OF THE REASONS I AM HERE…IT JUST A MATTER OF PATERNAL INSTINCTS…

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  1. Great post,

    Fatherhood is great. The challenge is to he a good husband! But this can easily be arranged by opening up.

    The whole idea of not being able to make an own offspring devastates many of my friends.




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