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Thursday, 01 May 2008


I have been given the task of GUARDING the gate AND imparting knowledge to those that know it but can’t live it for some reason. Thus blogging is MY instrument, MY canvas; this entity is MY brush, the photos are MY melody and the words are MY paintings. This is NOT just about words; this is my art…this is what I wanted to be AND ever will be. For the longest time, I thought I was put on this earth to become a doctor and heal people. Now I get to do that EVERY single day with this blog. This blog is built on a foundation of TRUTH mixed with a RAW passion for humanity. Thus the creative AND abstract view of the world with that I have can be described as REAL WITH A TWIST. Every single day I am seek new ways to encourage AND help humanity to come to a DEEPER understanding of themselves, especially the GAY MAN. I use life's subtleties to capture what is around us everyday as I am INSPIRED by the people AND the things that I encounter. Hence what I do here is about YOU, for YOU and by YOU. For YOU are my craft and I understand WE are all put here for a reason AND this is my purpose. So as I mark this occasion I would like to simply thank those who have allowed me to SERVE AND BLESS them with my THIRD eye.

As I sit and reflect on the things that has touched me for past two years, the first thing that comes to mind is GRATEFULNESS! I am grateful because I have been given the opportunity to articulate who I am and this blog has empowered my life AND showed me that I have a purpose, something GREATER than me. When I posted my first entry I was DETERMINED, DETERMINED to take US to the next level. I like so MANY of us spent so much time feeling stuck with thoughts AND feels that weren’t being expressed. I spent a lot of time saying YES when I wanted to SCREAM out NO! It was like I could move mountains with my passion but could never express it with my own song. THAT WAS THEN & THIS IS NOW! I can sit write this entry in CELEBRATION because of who AND what WE are as people…I can sit N’ write this entry because of passion N’ understanding for ALL life…I can sit N’ write this entry because of what God makes possible for me…IT IS BECAUSE HE I CAN…

So I encourage you to be devoted to one another in LOVE and HONOR each other ABOVE ourselves. Let’s not let us forget OUR SPIRIT-NATURE and I hope that you remember this notion as you navigate here. WATCH ME as I walk a mile in your shoes AND empathize with you and feel your pain. For you and I are apart of the PERFECTION that was created by GOD. WE inherited the DNA of God and HE put up a curtain, created IMPERFECTION so that we could create perfection again. AND I seek to be that curtain so YOU can attain this goal. I AM OF THE OPINION THAT OUR IMPERFECT WAS CREATED SO WOULD CREATE PERFECTION, INSTEAD OF HAVING IT GIVEN TO US. Think of it as a puzzle with the pieces separated so we could put it back together. I AM ALL FOR BRIDGING THE CHAOS IN OUR LIVES, THE DISTANCE WE FEEL WITH EACH OTHER & OURSELVES. ALWAYS REMEMBER…Happiness given to us doesn't feel like happiness. Happiness that we create…that feels like happiness! SO LET US CREATE OUR CERTAINTY & LOVE FOR OURSELVES? WHEN YOU GET LOST, REMEMBER THAT THIS LIGHT IS HERE TO SHOW YOU THE WAY…


  1. HAPPY BLOG-A-VER-SARY!!!! Many more!

  2. I know its a bit late but I would love to wish you a happy BLOG-A-VER-SARY.I remember the very first day we started chatting ,you introduced me to your blog, which left me in awe. From that day since i have been so impressed with the entries that you have posted on this blog and I must commend you. Your entries have been extremely thought provoking,well written, deep and profound,ranging from challenging us to live our best lives or advice on health.I am sure that these have acted as a source of inspiration to so many readers and have help them in so ways.
    An activist is not only someone who marches on the street and holds up placards but someone who uses his strengths and talents to advocate for and speak on behalf of people who need a voice and this is exactly what you have been doing and i applaud you.May you continue to be an advocate and to inspire us all for many more years to come.




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