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Friday, 02 May 2008


It has long been said that the spring season has long been used as a metaphor for unpredictability, with its transitional energy shifting from cold one day to hot the next. Wind and rain are hallmarks of spring, and they leave us feeling shaken up and unsettled as they sweep away the debris of past seasons, clearing the way for new growth. TODAY MARKS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT SINCE TAKING OFFICE YET AGAIN. One year ago today, on the evening of May 2, 2007, screams and shouts of victory pierced the evening air. It was evident that something significant had happened. After thousands of election ballots were counted throughout The Bahamas and the pre-election hype all came to an end, one thing was certain: the May 2007 general election had been viewed as the most unpredictable in the history of The Bahamas. The RED SEA had risen and the opposition Free National Movement was able to wrest power from the governing Progressive Liberal Party, sealing its third victory within a 15-year period. For the next 4 years the surprising spring winds that came out of nowhere, throwing the country into chaos will be no more. Like the rain-cum-hail storms that move in fast and then pass suddenly to make way for a calm, warm afternoon, the Bahamas has shifted back to being a progressive nation. Naturally this past year was a challenging time for all involved, as the former Government did NOT want to let go of their power and open up to the new thing that was born. HOWEVER, THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE MUST PREVAIL & NOTHING MUST STAND IN IT'S WAY. Now as my Government pushes their TRUST AGENDA, I TRUST all will be well in this land. I TRUST that those that are naysayers will acknowledge what a better place the Bahamas is in the privacy of their hearts. WE owe it to ourselves to have a Government that is FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. The FNM showed they are living up to their mandate AND that WE could rest assured that during the next few years and beyond, they will live up to their promises.

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