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Thursday, 24 April 2008


What is TYPICAL GAY MALE behavior? I ask this question because if it posed to a variety of persons, you would hear most of them say that GAY MEN are promiscuous. I cannot say this theory is invalid OR untrue; however, it does HURT! IT IS SO SAD THAT THE PARAMOUNT ELEMENT IN OUR LIFE IS HOOKING UP. YOU KNOW WHAT IS SO SAD; BOTH GAY & STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE SEXUAL BEINGS. HOWEVER, WE ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE THIS BEHAVIOR CONNECTED TO OUR SEXUAL IDENTITIES. The mere fact that WE are singled out should send SHOCK WAVES throughout the GAY community. BUT IT DOES NOT! WE just continue the search through the jungle as if getting a HOOK UP will sustain us. I am curious though, WHAT IS IT ABOUT SEX THAT MAKES US IT’S PREY? I say the answer resides in OUR mentality AND I think that this energy is infectious AND psychological. We GAY MEN need a change of mentality AND stop striving to live this unrealistic AND destructive life. I wonder if WE could TRULY be happy if WE were not able to get on A4A or BGC again? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE COMMUNITY IF WE COULD NOT F&CK EACH OTHER @ WILL? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I CHALLENGE GAY MEN TO BE MORE THAN WHERE THEY PUT THEIR D!CKS & WHAT GOES INTO THEIR ASSES? Is not SAD that it is SO difficult to find a GAY man that is looking for just conversation with NO sex attach? There is a price to pay for every lifestyle choice; and it seems as if WE either do not know this OR totally ignores this notion. AS A GAY MEN, HOW CAN WE LOOK OURSELVES IN THE MIRROR & NOT ASK WHY WE ARE HOOKING OUR WAY THROUGH THE COMMUNITY? HOW IS THAT WE ONLY ASPIRE TO BE A MERE ENTITY FOR PHYSICAL & SEXUAL GRATIFICATION? DOES THE HOOKING UP SCENARIO EVER GET OLD & BORING? I GUESS NOT…THIS CONSTANT YEARNING FOR A MAN WITH A STIFF HUGE ROCK-HARD D!CK & A TIGHT ASS SHOWS HOW SHALLOW GAY MEN ARE. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT BECOMES OF US AS TIME PASSES? I GET SO SCARED FOR US & I SEE NO END IN SIGHT…IT IS AS IF WE REALLY ARE WHAT SOCIETY THINKS WE ARE…

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  1. THIS IS A GREAT BLOG. Glad I found it.

    I was thinking about this today as I was driving.

    PORN is not helping the situation either. I do indulge occasionally but sometimes I feel that esp. black porn does not express affection just raw sex. It kind of brainwashes you, if you do not check yourself.

    So true, we are more than dicks and asses although some of us act like it.

    We are beautiful spirits and need to learn that society has influenced us not taking each other seriously in the relationship department.

    Let's stop this drive thru/by intimacy.

    I know I have. Sounds funny but I read on another blog a guy who has a month rule b4 sex. Makes sense.
    How many of us have gotten with someone and then afterwards realized what a waste of space they were? Take time to get to no me is my new rule.

    Thanks gayte keeper.




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