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Thursday, 07 February 2008


I think that LOVE has a TASTE all it has own that is either sweet OR sour. I believe that this sweet N’ sour flavor is deeply connected to how we view AND receive LOVE. HOW COULD IT NOT? When one is in love it is VERY sweet; the heart is VERY happy, the soul dances AND all is right with the world. However, when LOVE turns sour it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth; the heart HURTS, the soul DIES AND the world is NOT a great place to be. Nonetheless, I am in AWE of how the TASTE of LOVE influences our lives and how much power it has over us. It is SO evident how LOVE leaves a collective tang in our mouths that are either sweet OR sour. The sweet TASTE of LOVE makes US feel GREAT, our faces widen with smiles AND our hearts skip more than a beat. There is an INTENSE focus on what we are getting, diminishing the thought of loneliness AND isolation. With the sweet TASTE of LOVE, our lives are devoted to simply being in this place AND there is a sense of liberation that comes from letting ourselves go. This feeling is unlike any other, this is why it is SO hard when one has to deal with LOVE turning itself inside out. This then presents an individual who is now struggling from place of hurt AND pain. This weakness makes it hard to rise above a LOVE that is no longer there. The sound of silence as time seems to stand still is the focus point. It is as if we have slipped into a dreamscape of anguish that show cases the joy of a LOVE that once was there. This bitter TASTE of LOVE just makes us feel as if we want to die…NO MATTER WHAT LOVE DOES FOR US, NO MATTER WHAT TASTE WE ARE TO SAVOR…BE THE SWEET TASTE OF LOVE GONE RIGHT or THE CHOKING OF A LOVE GONE SOUTH, ONE MUST REMEMBER TRYING TO MAINTAIN A BALANCE OF BOTH WILL LEAVE US FEELING BETTER ABOUT THE ONE THING THAT TAKES SO MUCH FROM US…

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