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Friday, 07 December 2007


With us living in a world where SEX, LIES & THE DOWN LOW is ever so prevalent, one would think that EVERY female would align herself with a man that has a direct link to this phenomenon, because the concept that if walks like a duck, quack like a duck…DOES NOT APPLY IN THE GAY COMMUNITY! Moreover, that dumb notion does NOT even come close to the array of men that makes up the GAY COMMUNITY. Most men do NOT ‘look’ GAY‘talk’ GAY or ‘act’ GAY, but they are having SEX with each other nonetheless. So having a GAY INFORMANT is ideal for women that tend to be SO clueless about us gay men.

I AM OF THE OPINION THAT MEN WOULD F&CK EACH OTHER QUICKER THAN THEY CARE TO CHASE A WOMAN! The crazy thing is that most of these men do NOT want a relationship with another man OR consider themselves GAY or BI; they just blame their double lives on those around them. Their unwillingness to address their sexual behavior is what is endangering the gay community. Some say there is a DIRECT connection between this behavior and the rise of HIV/AIDS infections for both WOMEN and MEN. Nonetheless, I don’t buy this notion, yet SO many does and bury their collective heads in the sand and base their theory on unquantifiable information. I suppose it makes sense to them because no one knows how many men are on DLbut isn’t stereotyping wrong?

When are folks ESPECIALLY women going to pay attention to the truth that is right in front of their eyes? Men of all sorts are picking up each other left N’ right and it is SO easy! How could it not be? All he has to do is take care of his home life; having SEX every Wednesday night and every Friday morning. Pays church a visit on Sunday with the family on Sunday; keeping the woman satisfied, pay the bills, and come home every night and GAY BASH here N’ there…SHE WON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT WHAT HE IS REALLY DOING. It is sad when you look on the other side of the fence and seek the mask from that angle, but how can things be fixed when both sides lack REAL GAY INTELLIGENCE? This world is hard and we just place a band aid on a wound that will never heal…Making it virtually impossible for women to open their minds to reality. THE MORE SOCIETY TRIES TO MAKE HOMOSEXUALITY A BAD THING, THE MORE SOCIETY IS GOING TO HURT ITSELF. THE COMPLEX ISSUES SURROUNDING SEXUAL IDENTITY ARE NOT GOING AWAY. SO THE SOONER WE ACCEPT THE REALITIES OF THIS WORLD, THE BETTER IT WILL BE FOR ALL OF US. 

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