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Monday, 19 November 2007


  1. ...exploring the wonders of nature
  2. ...the smell of clean sheets
  3. ...a warm smile from a stranger
  4. ...the sound of a child's laughter
  5. ...the dew on the fields in early morning
  6. .... a hug from someone you love
  7. ...birds singing
  8. ...waves lapping on the shore
  9. ... a puppy wagging it's tail
  10. ...waking up in the morning with thoughts of that special person in your life
  11. ...a warm summer day
  12. ...the smell of spring
  13. ...sleeping in
  14. ...a random act of kindness
  15. ...hearing an "I love you" from someone who has never said it before
  16. ...finding peace in life
  17. ...being with your family
  18. …creating memories
  19. …a warm blanket on a cold night
  20. …a rainbow
  21. …YOU!

1 comment:

  1. I love it!! This one was thought provoking. Though it may appear to be but just as passing thought, you question has so much hidden meaning. Happiness to me is all ovf the above. Happiness to me means realisng that even the bad in my life is good for me. Happiness for me, is when I realise who I am and I fall in love with the real me for the first time. Happiness for me is when I see my world through my own eyes and not through the blurred vision of who people think I am. Happiness for me is when I appreciate the bad days just as much as the good, when the smile on my fance is not connected to anything physical around me, but something spiritual within. Happiness for me!




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