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Thursday, 18 October 2007


LOVE is a WAR of the HEART n’ MIND.
So who is the “one” that meets on the battle ground?
Who is the “one” that carries your heart with the wind?
Who is the “one” that has you lost @ sea?
Who is the “one” that drowns you in LOVE?
…Now there is NO turning back,
And your HEART cries a little
Because you are NOT free.
And this GREATER than any fairytale reality,
Has you singing songs that falls on deaf ears,
Because the “one” is not physically attuned to the notes.
And here I am baring your soul,
Risking it all…
Making you fall,
Over and over and over
And I know you secretly cry,
Lord, God of hosts,
Be with me yet.
As you hold your breathe
Because you and the “one”
Were not written in heavens above.
No reason for pretending
The “one” is NOT true LOVE
So face destiny,
You know you have seen this before.
In your mind life for you didn’t being @ birth,
It was forged in the life of another…
Long before you were born,
The “one” entered you,
And you he…
Becoming flesh of flesh,
Bone of bone.
Your body can walk away;
But your heart remains.
Forcing you to that ACCEPT that the “one” was just a glimpsed,
A flash of what LOVE supposes to be.
And your heart begins to chase the room like a panther,
Pain and anxiety washes all over you.
Leaving you with an uncontained HEART.
…Because you LOVED the “one”
When the “ONE” has yet to appear.
© tgk


  1. I love this, i do not even want to do it an injustice by calling it a poem because it seems more like what i once heard called a recitation of the soul. It was so deep, I actually had to read it more than once to grasp the dimesions of sentiments being expressed. How do you know when the one appears when u have tried so hard to make others fit, can we even remember the piece of the puzzle that the one is to fit or have we gotten so messed up that when the one comes, we are unable to let him behind the barriers that surround out hearts, THE ONE, DOES HE EVEN EXISTS?

  2. a true testament of love wasted




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