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Friday, 19 October 2007


As a species, humans are notorious for being prejudice to others that are viewed as the ECCENTRIC~ODDBALL. We ALL live our lives as if we are elements within a pyramid structure, with those that are seen as the NONCONFORMIST @ the bottom and the CONVENTIONAL persons are @ the top. However, this perception of HUMANITY as a whole is very unbalanced. Hence, HOW CAN WE PAINT PEOPLE WITH A BROAD BRUSH, WHEN ALL OF US ARE THE SAME? I will be the first one to say that there are persons out there that seem to be a bit OFF the deep end, but how are they LESS for being EXTRAORDINARILY DIFFERENT? How can ONES commitment to who they are convinces them to embrace NOTHING other than what they perceive as NORMAL? How can their way of living be considered the RIGHT way? Who gives them ULTIMATE autonomy over those who live an ALTERED state of being? I find it funny because it is silly of them to believe that these people would be happier and more satisfied living a life that is considered NORMAL, mirroring theirs. So tell me, don’t we all have our OWN ABNORMAL things that makes US who WE are? With that said, I FEEL IT IS TIME FOR US TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE ALL ARE BLESSED WITH OUR UNIQUE NATURE THAT CANNOT & SHOULD NOT BE ALTERED. So why judge another person who is DIFFERENT if WE ALL OBSESS about one or another? This is a classic case of you say this and I say that. Hence, what makes someone seem like a CRACK POT to another is PERFECTLY fine and okay. The sum total of how WE live will never compare to what WE are and our understanding of the CRACK POTS in ALL of US will forever be limited. The tings WE see in others will never be precisely the same as our own, so we do a disservice when we make assumptions about what is NORMAL and ABNORMAL. I SAY LEAVE IT ALONE, WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU FIND OUT RATHER THAN PREJUDGE. WE ALREADY OPERATE ON A VERY LIMITED AMOUNT OF POWER, POWER THAT LIES IN OUR ABILITY TO ACCEPT OTHERS FOR ALL THEIR QUIRKS & DIFFERENCES. WE NEED TO LOVE EACH OTHER FOR WHO WE ARE, EMBRACE THE UNIQUENESS & SPEND LESS TIME & ENERGY GAZING INTO ANOTHER’S QUIRKNESS. LET US CELEBRATE IT EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF ALLOWING OUR DIFFERENCE TO SEGREGATE US EVEN FURTHER.


  1. everybody wants to be vanilla that's what it is - safe good ole vanilla
    noone wants to add chocolate - too extreme or strawberry - too bold don't even bring in mint or pistachio or better yet a macadamia chocolate chip combination that's just odd. Does anyone want ice cream?

  2. Crack Pots? No, I believe that a vacuum in the life causes this impression in many many humans. Obviously, the human being was born FREE and he must walk on with this heavy burden without being a crack pot. All we seek happiness and that requires to adopt a positive attitude during our short life. It is so easy to judge but to live in a stable life that is other thing... it is a constant fight. One think is certain, no one should isolate himself...always stay in contact with others. Very good article and continue your wonderful work to assist each of us to have a better understanding of our behavior for our own good and to find the right path where we will try to find the real happiness.

  3. small correction

    ..no one should INSULATE himself

  4. I think we have become acustom to the safe route in life, and that for us becomes our norm and anything that deviates from that, send terror and shockwaves into out little circle we call life. We take the same route to work, we bathe at the same time, we eat at the same time, we shop at the same stores, and for some this seems normal, while for others this type of behaviour is anal retentive. If we spent less time analysing an individual differences and focused on the individual we would realise that the things we call different arent all that strange. So here is a question do we want to live or do we want to just exist?




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