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Thursday, 20 September 2007


In the grand scheme of things, I more often wonder if the things I want and need really matters to others whom I share this planet. I ask this question because too many times I have to deal with situations and events that force me to swallow whatever pill being PRACTICALLY shoved down my throat. Now the strange thing about me is that others would say that I am a B!TCH and an individual that only cares about himself, which totally is NOT the truth. I have more times than I care to count placed others before myself and as life would have it I am the one that is the left out in the cold. Nevertheless, I cannot say that I am blameless; I however allowed others to place me last and themselves first. Yet still as I live do I ever do anything without CONSIDERING others especially if they are directly effected. Never would I have an attitude that @ anytime display the MY WAY or NO WAY syndrome. I am the most UNCOMPLICATED, EASY-GOING & SELFLESS person I know and sadly, @ the end of it all I DO NOT MATTER! I GUESS THIS IS APART OF WHAT IS CALL LIFE…MY LIFE THAT IS! How do I get a BREAK or CONSIDERATION for the place I occupy on this planet? I am ADAPTABLE and PLIABLE, always ensuring that I accommodate others and their needs; I am very much aware of the BLACK n’ WHITE variations of life. However, I live my life thinking that most of us are in that GREY area and this is where the overlapping of LIFE truly lies. Nonetheless, I am the GREY matter and I DO NOT matter because I get the treated otherwise. I would love to say that it does not HURT or AFFECTS me, but I am HUMAN and this does hurt. I feel life’s PAIN just like anyone; I guess my SOLE purpose is to feel MORE pain than the rest of the world. I know that may seem like an exaggeration, but it is how I feel…IT IS JUST HOW MY LIFE IS…

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