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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


…Wasn’t HATED for who I am instead of being LOVED for who I am not…then I would not be TRUTH and my LIGHT would not GLOW for all to see. If I was not who I am I would not be a MAN that LOVES the same thing that I am. I would be living a LIE and not facing my destiny that GOD has laid out in front of me. My NATURAL feelings, thoughts and emotions would be someone else; and my life would be that of someone that is not HAPPY or SELF-ASSURED. I AM WHO I AM because YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE; I bring balance to MAN because of my SEXUALITY. When you see me you do not see what you think should because I can only be seen within; I am human just like you and my world orbits the same sun. Why does the world think they know what is best for me? Why do you think that I have to take your test? Who are you to tell me that the MAN I am is wrong? Why do I need you to say it is okay to be ME? Who are you to tell me that I have to wait for another lifetime to be accepted? Who are you to say that my feelings are not right? How do you decide that you should win the fight for MY rights? ONLY THE LORD KNOWS…¿WHAT IF I? If I wasn’t ME then you would control MY life and make me suffer because you feel that is what I am meant for. Your actions today tells me that you think you know what is best because you do not try to see what really the TRUTH is. Your way would be forced down upon my shoulders because I have lost the way. ¿WHAT IF I? ONLY GOD KNOWS…Why I have decided that I need to be REAL with ME and not allow you to control me anymore; you and I both know you do not have the right to tear MY ass up and beat me down to nothing. GOD had me on LOAN for a certain length of time and it has expired years ago; I am my own MAN…AND now I have decided that I don’t like how you try treat me because you have no idea about WHO I AM, WHAT I NEED & WHY I NEED TO BE ME…¿WHAT IF I? WAS NOT WHO I AM, then I would…

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