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Sunday, 26 August 2007


The other day I was out with a female and we were both enjoying our conversation and each other’s company. In the distance, I saw what looked like four young men walking directly towards us and my first thought was, ARE THEY GOING TO SAY or TRY TO TOUCH THE FEMALE THAT WAS WITH ME? I was not afraid or anything, but something tells me that she was and as we got close to the group of males she did something that was not a surprise. Realizing that she was walking on the section of the sidewalk of these men, she decided to switch over from my left to my right before we crossed paths. I smiled to myself, not because I was pleased but because I was not surprised that she did that. I found it rather SAD how WOMEN live in FEAR of MEN and we just accept it as the NORM. The way men respond and relate to women leaves a lot to be desired, women are treated as OBJECTS and mere TOYS that are here solely for the pleasure of men. This says a lot about WHO, WHAT and the type of CHARACTER TRAITS these so-called MEN possess that live within OUR SOCIETY. We are all supposed to live and relate civilly with each other within a civilized society or setting. There are certain behavioral patterns that we are expected to be observe, like COURTESY, GOOD MANNERS, PRIVACY, RESPECT FOR A PERSON’S SPACE, PERSONAL PRIVACY and PROPERTY. When these MEN fail to observe or respect these values, they come across to WOMEN as SAVAGES, BARBARIANS and CRUDISH. NONETHELESS, IT IS TIME FOR MEN TO STOP WAGING WAR AGAINST WOMEN! I have one time too many witness MEN operating in, or be a part of social settings where it seemed as if they couldn’t or rather refuse to behave themselves socially when a WOMAN is dressed a certain way. Of course, most if not ALL women ignore their advances and this is where the trouble starts because a woman should feel that she is lucky or blessed to have men act that way. The SAVAGE REBUFF, FOUL LANGUAGE and RUDENESS endlessly highlight their embarrassment and highlight a woman’s vulnerability. I find this crazy because why would a WOMAN want MEN that are behaving this way? Why do most men that behave in this fashion feel because they are PHYSICALLY STRONGER, they the RIGHTS to display this POWER? If most men take the time and energy to get pass themselves they find that most if not all women might take the time to acknowledge or date them. I guess it is easier for MEN to display their LACK of INTELLIGENCE and DISRESPECT, I WONDER HOW THEY WOULD FEEL IT THE ROLES WERE REVERSED and THE SHOE WAS ON THE OTHER FOOT?

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