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Saturday, 25 August 2007


A Woman I Am
By Deborah

When I'm feeling blue,

I cry...afterwards glad to be alive.

Hoping to share my life with you,

Free to express my feelings...of wanting happiness.

A Woman, even when you pat my head; also likes roses red..

I have fears ­ but never afraid to shed the tears.

Loving beautiful things: I listen to birds sing.

Not wanting pain - joy comes with a gentle rain.

A Woman cuddled next to you,

But yes, a little girl too.

Enough strength sometimes to ring churchbell chimes...

But needing comfort by her side;

Your power like a roaring tide.

With a morning sunrise - awake with a sparkle in the eye.

A bit shy I am - afraid to die.

I'm the one who likes to play, waiting to be swept away.

I like to take bubble baths...

And to walk the garden path.

A Woman trying to cope,

Holding onto threads of hope.

Who loves the band?

I, who holds your hand.

A Woman I am by candlelight,

While we share warm delight.

I'm making wishes on stars - trying - without any bars; ice-cream;

And building a dream.

I, who enjoys the train: reliving lifes' joy ­ has all to gain.

A Woman.

Not a toy in this gown of lace; not competing in a race.

Kissing as we walk the county fair...

Lots of love I hold - and want to share.

A Woman

I am:Butterfly free;

Just simply me.

As a Woman, I stand up to cheer - me...

Woman of the Year!

I - a Woman ­ and proud to be...

The WOMAN I am

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