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Tuesday, 07 August 2007


There is this song on Sesame Street that goes WHAT COMES FIRST THE CHICKEN or THE EGG? In addition, this concept has made me wondered what came first where SEXUALITY is concerned, WAS IT THE FEELINGS or THE ACTION THAT MAKES ME GAY? AM I GAY BECAUSE I HAD THE FEELINGS or AM I GAY BECAUSE I ACTED ON THE FEELINGS? There is a constant argument about NATURE or NURTURE but those of us that live the life know exactly what the results are. I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT WE WERE BORN THIS WAY & THERE IS NO ONE THING or PERSON THAT ENCOURAGE or MADE US OTHERWISE. Nonetheless, if that was the case and we are still living a life of HOMOSEXUALITY then it still means that we are GAY. I think that SEXUALITY has been determined LONG before it got to the sexual stage; it is all about ACCEPTANCE of the journey that life takes us on. SEX is the final stage of an individual that explores his/her SEXUAL PREFERENCE the naturalness of sex was established from birth. Hence, we dealt a crushing blow to the soul and spirit by others that cannot see the truth. The sad fact is that there are so many VARIATIONS and DIFFERENCES that do more harm than good and it does not help us @ all. When we begin to explore sex and we eventually accept where we are with our sexuality, life would be easier and we will not subscribe to anyone’s idea of us. OUR SEX IS INNATE, and ORIENTATION is ORIENTATION; apples and oranges are considered fruits so why the question about when HOMOSEXUALITY takes hold? This NEGATIVE phenomenon of MISCONCEPTIONS against homosexuals creates fear. It is not surprising that some ask this question of when HOMOSEXUALITY takes place. I WISH THAT WE COULD DO AWAY WITH THE NEGATIVE THINGS OF THIS WORLD, I WISH WE DO AWAY WITH INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA, And I WISH WE COULD DISTANCE OURSELVES FROM THIS SORT OF THINKING & STAR LIVING THE LIFE GOD INTENDED FOR US.

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