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Thursday, 03 August 2006


The Lord came to me like a dream one day and asked,
why do you sorrow I answered,
Lord my life is so full of pain,
I can't face one more tomorrow.
The Lord sat down beside me,
and gently took my hand.
He said,
Let me explain to you and then you'll understand.
Each sorrow is a stepping stone you must surmount each day,
And every stepping stone you climb is a sorrow that's passed away.
The road of life is a mountainside,
with crevices in which to be caught,
But as you struggle on your way,
I, the Rock, will lend support.
Every stepping stone you climb,
makes spirit and heart grow strong.
Exercising character and faith this road seems painful and long.
The way is paved with stepping stones,
to uplift your heart and soul,
Though difficult they aid your way,
to a City paved with gold.
I know that you are tired,
for I too have walked this way,
My sorrows did they multiply,
but I cleared the stones away.
I left my rock to lift you up, I left behind my story. To give you strength to make your climb, to that special place in glory. And never fear, the Rock is here, You'll never climb alone surmount life's sorrows, continue on, For they are but stepping stones. ...for the hopeless

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