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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW EMPTY AND HALLOW SOME RELATIONSHIPS ARE? HOW TWO PERSONS NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY TO GET ALONG CAN’T SEEM TO GET IT TOGETHER? I am of the personal opinion that if a relationship does not enhance those involved then they need not be in it. My philosophy is FRIENSHIP, RELATIONSHIP and PARTNERSHIP. However, most do not try to adopt this principle and thus embark on relationships that does more harm than good. How can you be with someone if you are constantly wondering where they are or what they are doing? Isn’t it obvious that this person is not meant for you? If you get into fights constantly this person is not meant for you. If you cannot seem to have a GENUINE LOVE and RESPECT for each other this person is not meant for you. Oddly enough, there are persons that crave such relationships. They yearn for it, to such an extreme, that they make an unwise choice that leads to sadness, dissatisfaction and broken hearts. Settling is entering into a relationship with a less than desirable mate for the sake of escaping the single life. Nevertheless, why do this? How does this not make you feel empty? This emptiness forces the need to find someone, anyone that is not up to the task of being in a relationship. Hence, the absurd criteria of the relationship are based upon how the person looks how they should think, smell, act, taste and fuck. Is it any wonder that this only inevitably leads down a road of frustration? When one settles for a DISFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIP out of the FEAR of being UNLOVED then they are lost from the start. Therefore, I wonder why persons settle for this for themselves. How can they not see what they are doing? I believe that the reason they do this is because we are raised to believe that the ideal life is one in which we fall in love, marry and then usually have children. Creating our own family and growing old with our soul mate is instilled in our minds from a very young age. As we enter our late teenage years and early twenties, we are usually weaving our way through relationships, trying to decipher what type of person best fits our needs to sustain a healthy and loving relationship. If a person does not find a truly compatible mate, one that fulfills their emotional and physical needs, provides love, understanding, concern and support through life's difficulties, it is at this time that one may opt to settle. A person may not even realize that they are indeed settling. Fed up with breakups and longing for a stable relationship, a person may settle for a less than compatible relationship. In the beginning of the relationship, this person will feel a temporary relief from the difficulties of being single. They will ignore red flag warnings, and dismiss any subconscious doubts, this person will remain in the relationship until it falls apart. The relationship may be stormy, because of a false connection, or it may be a rather peaceful relationship but lacking the strong and powerful love, that one deserves. Settling may bring temporary happiness, however the key word is temporary. When a person is in a relationship that is not the ideal one for them, they are choosing to close off the option of finding true love. This is not fair to either person in the relationship. We all desire love. We all desire for someone to care for us above all else. We all desire the feeling of being safe and secure in the arms of another. Setting does not produce those results. If realizing that you are settling, ask yourself this: Do you wish to spend your time in a relationship that is doomed or will bring you limited satisfaction? If entering into one relationship after another with people that you know do not possess the qualities that you are ultimately seeking, do you wish to continue doing so, knowing it will lead to disappointment when the relationship ends? We all possess the capability to set reasonable expectations in a future mate. Looking into our hearts, we know what type of person will fulfill our needs. Remaining single and waiting to meet someone that will provide you with a truly loving relationship is wise. You should be pleased that you are abiding to your standards. Falsely believing that continuing to remain single is such a dreadful choice, and settling is the option you choose, you will be losing the prospect of truly enjoying your life bonded with someone you undoubtedly love. How can you give your HEART, SOUL and MIND to an individual that does not complete you? How can you look for someone to make you happy if you cannot do it yourself? Doesn’t fulfillment come from enlightenment, which comes from inspiration? Therefore, we have to inspire ourselves and enlighten ourselves so that we maybe fulfill. Until we reach self-completion and fulfillment, we cannot get rid of our emptiness. Until we get rid of our emptiness, our relationships will not be successful.

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